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#1 Experian?
21/06/2008 22:15

I'm going to give week!

Experian! - Does anyone know anything about them in terms of consultancy?

What are they like?

What is there scope?

Are they good?

Would a 2yr stint look good or bad on my cv?


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#2 RE: Experian?
22/06/2008 01:22

Jho to I'm going to give week! (#1)

What sort of job is it? Why two years? Are you starting with a few to get any kind of consulting experience so you can move to a more well known consultancy? Is it a grad scheme? Experian is a very well know company in its field in terms of gathering credit information on individuals and orgs.

What are your longer term plans, what sort of job do you see yourself having in future? These are all questions you need to anser before anyone can really help you answer your questions....

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#3 RE: Experian?
22/06/2008 01:33

airnet to I'm going to give week! (#1)

Scope: CRM data mining, direct mail campaign planning, credit management

More of a business services organisation than a consultancy. However, if these issues interest you, some "hands-on" experience with Experian could stand you in good stead to later move to a "hands-off" consulting position.

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#4 RE: Experian?
22/06/2008 19:58

'm going to give week! to airnet (#3)

(Original poster)

Thank you for your comments.

I see Experian as a good opportunity to boden my skills and gain experiance in a new sector.

I would like to work for a big 4/5 consultancy in around 2-3 yrs time, I would like to gain some more experiance 1st and enter as an experianced hire.

I would like to work in G&PS consultancy in around 3 yrs - would experian be a bad move if this is where I want to end up?

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#5 RE: Experian?
23/06/2008 01:13

anon to 'm going to give week! (#4)

If you're looking at G&PS then I don't think Experian will give you particularly relevant experience. I think you should look for roles with G&PS organisations which will prepare you far better to consult in that area.

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#6 RE: Experian?
23/06/2008 09:07

Experianced to anon (#5)

I work for Experian as an analyst. I’ve been here for just under 2 years and am moving to Deloitte (although not as an MC) in a month.

Experian is a pretty good place to work, is pretty easy to get into and will give you good data analysis experience. If you want any info on Experian, ask your questions and I’ll see if I can find them out.

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#7 RE: Experian?
23/06/2008 10:33

I'm going to give week! to Experianced (#6)

Thanks Experianced & anon,

The job with Experian is Research/Policy Consultant and Economist - looks like many of the cliants will be G&PS.

Q's for Experianced...

Whats salerly level for this postition?

What job are you moving to at Deloitte?

Do you know anything about this business area at Experian any info would be great?

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#8 RE: Experian?
23/06/2008 16:01

Experianced to I'm going to give week! (#7)

Salary will probably be £22+ London weighting, although this is a guess based on the fact that Business Strategies will be paid the same as Decision Analytics.

I am moving from Decision Analytics (building models etc) to become a risk management tinted auditor. I want to get my ACA as I’ll be moving to Cumbria sooner or later and the ACA will be more useful than just analytical experience.

I had a quick look on the intranet as to what Business Strategies do, and I found this (which you probably knew already):

“Experian’s Business Strategies division provides an unrivalled understanding of consumers, markets and economies in the UK and around the world, past, present and future. It is a market leader in consumer profiling and market segmentation, economic forecasting and public policy research, supporting businesses, policy makers and investors in making tactical and strategic decisions.

The division’s areas of expertise include consumer insight, local market planning, economic forecasting, property analysis, public policy advice and consultancy, and retail planning. It also owns the Future Foundation, an international strategic marketing consultancy and specialist consumer think-tank; Footfall Ltd, the European market leader in providing consumer-counting technology to retailers and property investors; and Catalist Ltd - specialist provider of petrol forecourt information.”

There are various positions available in a few different teams (policy team, modelling etc – all based in London), but you need to apply soon, I think the closing data is soon and they have already started interviewing people.

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