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Boston Consulting Group

#1 Boston Consulting Group
10/06/2008 09:09


Anyone with any ideas of what it is like working here. Is it like Mck or different. Don't hear many comments on this forum about this.

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#2 RE: Boston Consulting Group
10/06/2008 12:35

ZB to sder (#1)

I would not be surprised about this sder (odd name?) Most of these process mapping, IT numbskulls always talk about applying for working these firms, but when anyone asks serious one has an answer.funny that.? Makes you wonder whether you have inadvertantly stumbled into an ACN coffee room

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#3 RE: Boston Consulting Group
10/06/2008 13:25

bcg vs mck to ZB (#2)

I think, from what I´ve heard from contacts&friends, (some with BCG, some with McK) that the culture is a bit different. McK drives the "elite" approach, in some cases people seem to be more snobbish than at BCG.

At least this is how it looks like for people around them.

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#4 RE: Boston Consulting Group
10/06/2008 13:58

DFer to bcg vs mck (#3)

So you think BCG does not have this up or out policy like mck?

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#5 RE: Boston Consulting Group
10/06/2008 14:22

Mars A Day to DFer (#4)

Of course BCG operate the same policy - all the strat houses do, and they habitually cull the bottom performers from each year, although in a polite way - i.e. help you look for something else rather than clear your desk ala Alan Sugar.

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#6 RE: Boston Consulting Group
10/06/2008 17:28

mars is right to Mars A Day (#5)

Up or out is their nature. So you´ll be pushed anyway. Whether you´ll be a Meckie or BCG´ler.

You have to go through the process and get in touch with the people. Then you can decide where you fit in best.

In most cases, application at BCG is sucessful but McK not and vice versa.

Know only a few which were handed in 2 offers at the same time...

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#7 RE: Boston Consulting Group
11/06/2008 10:38

Mars A Day to mars is right (#6)

Probably worth adding to the points here that the usual stereotyping of these 2 firms (and Bain too if you want to look at them) is useful to separate them from the outside, although the level of work, quality etc will be very much the same:

McKinsey: cool, very self-consciously elite, corporate. There is a McK way of doing everything and you will be expected to do it that way. Linear, aggressive, but compelling for all that.

BCG: more art school than corporate, a little more funky, casual in style, pride themselves on their ecclectic thinking. Think fmcg marketer gone strat consultant and you're there. Contacts I know there love the place.

Bain: team orientated (very), homogenous, if you enjoyed First XI at Uni you will fit right in - if you prefer to operate more independently you won't like it much.

These really are stereotypes, but they are essentially observing some truths about them (and how they differentiate themselves).

Expect long hours, a lot of travel, and real pressure to perform. McK from what I hear tends to be more political than BCG or Bain. Worth looking at places like Roland Berger, Trinsum, OC&C as well as alternatives as these are just as good if a little less prestigious in the UK at least.

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#8 RE: Boston Consulting Group
11/06/2008 12:24

Sder to Mars A Day (#7)

Thanks very much this is useful info. I mean would it be fair to say if you are well motivated, perform well and work very hard (hours and content) and importantly be seen to do so that you can last at these places. I mean is it the case that these firms are a real step up in quality from the rest or is it more hype?

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#9 RE: Boston Consulting Group
11/06/2008 12:47

Mars A Day to Sder (#8)

A bit of both really.

Just because a firm has an up or out policy it dosen't dictate therefore that you will fall into the out category. To be frank, if you are already doubting your longevity with either of them you are probably not right for them - their ideal candidate is someone who is (or suspects they are) too good for MBB.

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#10 RE: Boston Consulting Group
11/06/2008 13:30

Numbskull to ZB (#2)

hehe. good to hear ZB is back from his holidays. Picking on ACN as usual eh ZB....hehehe

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