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#1 2:2
04/06/2008 03:30


Hi all,

I've secured a graduate offer, which I gladly accepted a few months ago. My contract states that it is subject to me obtaining a 2:1.

It's going right down to the wire with my exams, and there's a possibility I could end up with a 2:2. If this was the case, would I definately be rejected by the firm, or is there a chance they would still keep me on?

(I'm at a good uni, but not oxbridge if this makes a difference)

Many thanks


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#2 RE: 2:2
04/06/2008 14:02

Bob to Desmond (#1)

Could go either way.

If you do get a 2:2, be proactive and speak/write to the HR person you're dealing with and explain the situation (i.e. that it was marginal, or you had extenuating circumstances). If you consider that they've spent £10k on recruiting you and they like your other qualities then I would say your chances are quite good.

But I would avoid turning up on your first day with your degree certificate showing a 2:2 without having warned them.

Concentrate on your exams and cross the bridge when you come to it.

Good luck.

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#3 RE: 2:2
04/06/2008 16:41

Anon to Desmond (#1)

Depends who the firm is.

I've heard of instances where people have had their contracts revoked, despite the costs of recruiting. Best thing to do mate is crack on and hopefully you won't be a position to get a 2.2.

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#4 RE: 2:2
04/06/2008 17:10

Chaucer, the author and poet to Anon (#3)

How likely do you think it is that they will want to see your degree certificate?

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#5 RE: 2:2
04/06/2008 17:54

Toilette to Chaucer, the author and poet (#4)

Deloitte seem to want it and even as an experienced hire I had to produce all my certificates. Luckily I had nothing to hide and have the required grades. Best option is to knuckle down and make sure you get a 2:1 and avoid the problem.

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#6 RE: 2:2
04/06/2008 18:50

Simon to Desmond (#1)

They have already done the background search on me, but I guess they'll want me to post a certificate to HR before I start.

I'm working hard for the exams, but will need to start applying for other things once I am finished incase the offer is revoked.

Thanks for the replies

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#7 RE: 2:2
04/06/2008 22:30

Taxman to Simon (#6)

Simon, as long as your only aim in life is to become wealthy, dishonestly if possible, honestly if needed, then ignore what education tells you. For there are two types of people in the world, those that each, and those that do. I hope your one of the latter and not like your lecturers one of the former, then with tenacity and an attitude you can come and help me run the world here.

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#8 RE: 2:2
04/06/2008 22:31

Taxman to Taxman (#7)

each = Teach, *** keyboard

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#9 RE: 2:2
05/06/2008 03:09

Simon to Taxman (#8)

Erm, thanks

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#10 RE: 2:2
05/06/2008 10:32

desmond to Simon (#9)

I've got a 2.2 and now in my 2nd year of a MBB firm.. it can be done!!

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#11 RE: 2:2
05/06/2008 11:01

Nathan Jones to desmond (#10)

I got a 2:2 and I am now working at Deloitte as a manager in TI. I got in as an experienced hire.

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#12 RE: 2:2
02/07/2008 01:05

Simon (OP) to Nathan Jones (#11)

Got my results today and thankfully just about got the 2:1 so the job is now secure.

Thanks for the comments and help on this forum.

Good luck to anyone else awaiting results

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#13 RE: 2:2
02/07/2008 10:28

new edser to Simon (OP) (#12)

bloody well done mate! Really please for you all the best starting your new career.

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#14 RE: 2:2
02/07/2008 16:50

Anob to new edser (#13)

A 2.2 or lower demostrates that you have a life. There 's too many consultants out there with top degrees and MBAs who are boring as you like and really fail to add value.

I'll get me coat!

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#15 RE: 2:2
03/07/2008 13:35

real desmond to Simon (OP) (#12)

just found out i got a 2.2 in aeronautical engineering at loughborough. its a tough degree at a good uni but i'm pretty sure my career in management consultancy is dead already! anyone know of any companies that will accept my application for a grad job with a 2.2?

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#16 RE: 2:2
03/07/2008 13:52

Lucifer to real desmond (#15)

To cut to the chase, the consultancies that will take 2:2 candidates are not those that will advantage your CV if you hold higher ambitions. Better to take a job in industry and work your way up before transferring into consulting.

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#17 RE: 2:2
03/07/2008 14:03

the real desmond to Lucifer (#16)

when you say taking a job in industry, do you mean assuming some sort of relevant role within an industry specific company? how do you go about searching for these opportunities?

can you reccomend any good grad programmes within industry that i should look at to benefit my consultancy career?

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#18 RE: 2:2
04/07/2008 03:17

pacman to the real desmond (#17)

Ideally a graduate scheme with either a large blue chip or with a sector specialist. The larger the name, generally the more cover it gives to other CV weaknesses.

It would make sense to aim for engineering/aerospace companies as the fact that you have an industry relevant degree (and presumably industry knowledge/placement experience) will compensate for its grade.

I'd recommend that you go for business roles - although it's easier to get into a grad scheme in an engineering role with a 2:2, you'll be better off to gain relevant experience for management consulting as soon as possible in your career.

If all else fails and you're not able to find a management trainee scheme then you could apply to one of the Big 4 or Top 20 in Audit - this also has the advantage that whilst many grad programmes have already filled for this year the Big 4 recruit all year round.

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