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#1 Nigeria
30/05/2008 15:05


Might be off to do some work with one of the big oil companies in Lagos for a few weeks.

Keep getting conflicting advice about how safe it is/isn't, any insights? I'll bring you back a present

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#2 RE: Nigeria
30/05/2008 18:00

Bob to Snarf (#1)

See what the foreign office says about it.

I would take a gun.

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#3 RE: Nigeria
30/05/2008 20:51

D (Lived there) to Bob (#2)

Snarf, Nigeria is a nice place to live and work. I have lived and worked there. Of course, there are infrastructural challenges as you would expect in any developing country. Nonetheless, you would not have these problems since this would ve been factored into your package. The security situation in Lagos is okay and there are loads of foreign nationals living and running businesses in Lagos.

What might give people concern is the security situation in the Southern (South South) zone of the country due to the agitation for better infrastructure there. This area is 45 minutes by flight from Lagos. Quite a distance from Lagos. In conclusion, you would be fine besides you are going for a few weeks.


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#4 RE: Nigeria
30/05/2008 21:35

LivefromLagos to D (Lived there) (#3)

I live and work in Lagos and will give you reliable info.

You should enjoy your stay in Lagos - some culture shock, perhaps.

I'd bet you'd be safe as your client would provide adequate security for you (most oil majors spend lots on this).

You may not feel the infrastructural challenges as you're probably going to be quarantined - in your hotel, secured vehicles and the client's offices.

And if you're outgoing, Nigerians are warm people and you'd no doubt have a lot of fun!

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#5 RE: Nigeria
01/06/2008 18:22

Anon to Snarf (#1)

Hey Snarf,

Athe previous posters have stated...Lagos is fairly safe and major oils will provide security....

However, the major oils also have offices in Port Harcourt, which is considerably less safe (its where most of the kidnapping gangs are). Good news is that kidnapped westerners are usually released upon payment of ransom.

So if you are heading there I suggest you check your security arrangements.

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#6 RE: Nigeria
01/06/2008 19:59

Lived there and worked there too to Anon (#5)

Firstly a bit of background: I am a British citizen but had the opportunity to work in Lagos a couple of months late last year.

There are infrastructure challenges e.g. Travel everywhere by road and traffic can be a nightmare in rush hour. Due to traffic and roadside traders it can be quite noisy for a westerner.


You will be assigned a driver and most probably put in a decent hotel (Sheraton or Eko hotel etc) if not company apartments. You will be driven from your hotel to the offices and back and the hotel food like most places in the world is okay but not great.


Nigerians are quite friendly and you wont be under any threat between normal working hours. From say, 07:30 to 22.00. Care should be exercised when travelling for long periods outside of this time period but I had no problems whatsoever. The baddies usually come out to play at night. Stick to the island (Victoria Island) and nothing you will be as safe as houses cos the island is effectively cocooned from the rest of Lagos.


There is a large ex-pat community in Lagos particularly in the oil and Telco industry. Some workers have been out there for over 10 years and have never had any problems.


Kidnappings have happened in the past mainly in the South East, Lagos is in the South West, a 6 hours drive away.

Believe me it is in your companies/clients interest to keep you safe and they are experts at this.

Of the few westerners that have been kidnapped, most reported that they were treated very well and over 90% are released upon payment of a ransom.


I have known three westerners who were hesitant to go out to Lagos on field assignments only to relocate there after a few months. It is an easy life and all Westerners are treated like Kings and the danger money is outrageous. Cost of living is so low that you could afford to maintain a residence in the UK and Nigeria and still put away a whacking great amount in Savings.


Final point, you may be surprised to find that the whole ransom/bribery culture is actually stimulated by the west as it is a cheap way of getting their hands on the oil and it is cheaper than actually improving infrastructure the Nigerian economy ;-)

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#7 RE: Nigeria
05/06/2008 14:07

Snarf to Lived there and worked there too (#6)

Thanks a lot guys, really appreciate you taking the time share your info.

Even you Bob.

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