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Experience of using "Consulting Point" ?

#1 Experience of using "Consulting Point" ?
21/05/2008 17:18


Did any one have experience of using consultancy "Consulting Point" ?

What is your experience in terms of their candidate friendliness, promptness, professionalism?

Are some recruiters at consulting point better than others? any specific recommendation who might be good to use and good to avoid?

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#2 RE: Experience of using "Consulting Point" ?
21/05/2008 17:38

I do to a (#1)

Used them at my previous company. They market themselves as all being ex MCs, but the guys I spoke to had only ever done recruitment.

They were OK. I've had better.

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#3 RE: Experience of using "Consulting Point" ?
21/05/2008 17:40

cassius to a (#1)

Why do you need to know their "candidate friendliness"? Recruiters should be used to align candidates and roles, and should not be judged upon how friendly they are.

I am a blunt (some would say obnoxious) HH, who delivers for the client - I am unfriendly to around 90% of the candidates I speak with, as I would never want them to be my friend.

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#4 RE: Experience of using "Consulting Point" ?
21/05/2008 18:03

a to deleted (#0)

Dear cassius,

Sorry about confusion. I think it happened due to word " friendly" - what i meant customer orientation and in this case customer being the potential candidate on one side and the hiring companies on the other side. One may not be friend but still be customer oriented, if you understand what I mean.

What I value most in recruiting business that a recruiter is open about things and communicates in rather open way. And if you wish not to communicate with some one, its okay. Here it is partly also related to demand and supply. In a world when you are the only recruiter - perhaps you could live by your philosophy and still do a good business. But in a world like we live in today, we all have choices (like you said you would not want to talk to 90%) same goes for the candidates.

What also amazes me the number of vacanies that I see coming up these days from the same recruiting company and in all kinds of different language forms etc etc (have seen a lot from consulting point in last days) - not sure if these are true reflection of demand in the market?

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#5 RE: Experience of using "Consulting Point" ?
21/05/2008 21:00

bad experience to a (#4)

Well I think may be it just depends who is your recruiter contact? Some are really bad people. others are helpful. I had bad experience with one of the recruiter at consulting point.

But it may that person who is to be avoided rather than the company. I would not try to give that person's name publically on this forum. I am sure other people posting here can confirm that.

I would like others to comment if they also had similar experiences?

The fact there is this thread, I am sure it hurts the company's image at large due to these one or two recruiters. Perhasp company improves on this and try to manage out the non-performer.

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#6 RE: Experience of using "Consulting Point" ?
22/05/2008 18:14

Manager to bad experience (#5)

Having experienced what I believe to have been the worst recruitment "professionals", I felt that it is only right to reply to this message. I am in total shock that they have the audacity to call themselves "ex Management consultants" when they clearly are cow boys and how they achieved a ranking on this years awards are anybody's guess. There is no communication within that orgainisation, the consultant I dealt with was certainly not an ex Management Consultant and I can go as far as saying that he had limited knowledge in this area. Consulting Point having put my CV forward for a particular role that I applied to, I then recieved a bombardment of emails from one of their "senior consultants" offering me random opportunities for months on end. I would advise any "professional" to avoid Consulting Point like the plague.

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#7 RE: Experience of using "Consulting Point" ?
23/05/2008 22:30

Tony Restell ( to Manager (#6)

We've removed the most recent comment from this thread for pretty flagrant racism. Whoever's post this was then got shirty as they thought we'd removed this whole thread (no it just goes down the listings if it's not the most recently commented on, if you had looked down a few lines you would have seen the main thread still there).

That same person then posted a new forum entry also containing racist remarks and wanting to keep this issue in the limelight. That's also been removed owing to the racism. But so that no-one thinks we're burying this, I'm posting this explanation so that this original thread is bumped right back to the top of the listings.

Right - now time for the Bank Holiday weekend to start... Enjoy!

Tony Restell

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