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#1 BT or CSC
20/05/2008 00:24

grad help

Hi all,

I have recently received two offers:

BT ICT Graduate Scheme (BT Design) - this is a 2 year scheme with 6 month rotations through various technical and non-technical roles.

CSC Graduate Scheme - 2 year programme in which you can rotate through roles from consulting, service delivery, project management, solutions architecture among others

I'm currently trying to decide between the two and would like to hear your opinions on the grad schemes and general advice about the companies, progression, career prospects etc - just anything that can help me choose!

I'd be grateful for any help - Thanks!

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#2 RE: BT or CSC
20/05/2008 09:57

Corporate Whore to grad help (#1)

Do not, I repeat, DO NOT join BT.

From your posting on this site, I assume you hope or may one day hope, to do IT Consulting or something consulting related.

If that assumption is true, stay well away from BT. I have a friend there and they hate it. I'm informed this sentiment is shared by at least 50% of the 2007 graduate hires.

E-mail me if you'd like more info.

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#3 RE: BT or CSC
20/05/2008 10:03

Casio to Corporate Whore (#2)

I know two people who work at BT and hate it also. I don't know anything about CSC though so can't really offer comparison.

Well done on getting the offers though mate, both will stand you in good stead.

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#4 RE: BT or CSC
20/05/2008 10:03

hmmm to Corporate Whore (#2)

Corporate Whore, I LOVE your site. I check for updates literally every day. And always cry with laughter.

More updates more updates!!!

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#5 RE: BT or CSC
20/05/2008 11:14

grad help to hmmm (#4)

Thanks guys, So what is it about BT that they hate?

I'm not sure exactly where I want to go with my career but IT Consulting was certainly something I was looking at. I was hoping to figure that out after trying a few roles - so BT might not be the best place to achieve that?

Does anyone have any info on CSC?


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#6 RE: BT or CSC
20/05/2008 12:31

csc-er to grad help (#5)

CSC isn'rt a great place for a new grad. You'll be put on an account and you will need to find a friendly soul who will mentor and train you. There are very few of us who are willing to train others.

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#7 RE: BT or CSC
22/05/2008 22:26

Ex CSC to grad help (#1)

Keep well away from CSC. Not going through a great time, lots of people leave after a short period of time - months - and they have just got rid of people on a global basis. You are expected to find a lot of your own work via a network that you have to build. However, for that reason you will not find people helpful as they need to protect their network naturally!

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#8 RE: BT or CSC
27/05/2008 11:02

exBT & exCSC to grad help (#1)


I have worked for both BT Services and CSC GTS as an IT consultant and I am now a freelancer.

My personal experience was that BT had very little idea as to what they were doing and no clear strategy in their consulting direction. The up side was that we benefitted from a lot of government work which allowed me to work on latest technologies/projects.

CSC is a different kettle of fish. An IT outsourcer by nature, it benefits from solid, long-term relationships with public and privater sector clients globally however their Consulting arm is relatively small compared to IBM or Accenture. However, it is a key growth area for them so you could greatly benefit from it.

Contrary to waht was previously said, CSC are going through a very successful time globally and every business unit grew by double digits last quarter. The redundancies are due to restructuring internally, not diffculy financial times.

As you can probably guess... I would advise you joined CSC.

Hope this helps.


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#9 RE: BT or CSC
27/05/2008 16:03

Ex CSC to exBT & exCSC (#8)

Sorry Alex, I can only assume that you are out of touch - I was also involved with what used to be GTS - and it is not a very happy place to be.

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#10 RE: BT or CSC
27/05/2008 16:49

anon to Ex CSC (#9)


I've been through the ex-Syntegra grad scheme (merged into BT Global Services) and it was a cracking scheme with a lot of investment, rotations and decent consulting work. However this has all gone down the drain recently and have to agree with corporate whore's comments...not a good place at the moment. BT Design will not really give you consultancy, global services has that instead. Design does have some bright people who build some impressive technology though. At your stage as a grad, a rotational scheme will give you a good base to get a good job further down the line but if you want consulting go elsewhere.

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#11 RE: BT or CSC
02/06/2008 11:00

exBT & exCSC to grad help (#1)

To 'Ex CSC',

I stand by my comments but intereting to see that ppl having worked within the same business arm have such opposing views....

Have you heard CSC also rebranded last Thursday? Apparently they had a launch event in Aldershot HQ.

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#12 RE: BT or CSC
02/06/2008 22:08

Acn2 to exBT & exCSC (#11)

I'd only think about joining BT on the 'professional services stream', or in Global Services. Other than that and the consulting side of things with be pretty much 0

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#13 RE: BT or CSC
05/06/2008 16:21

Charlie to exBT & exCSC (#8)

I can only support the comments of Ex CSC. Their clients are not a happy bunch, major issues on all accounts, account people off with stress, shall I go on. They are still trying to cut headcount which of course means more stress for those few left to try and deliver! If Ex BT thinks CSC are so great how come he left :-)

I could talk about the strange culture, but that is another tale. They talk a lot about growth areas - but you need to win new business in those areas.

As for rebranding and launches - as mentioned by Ex CSC GTS and GIS are now GOS, hardly a big deal! Have a word with the folks in those areas and find out how long this has all been floating around with no communication and a total lack of uncertainty.

Sorry guys, but from where I am sitting neither of them is looking a great option! I shall stick to contracting.

Did I mention I was made redundant from CSC due to .........................! Depends on the flavour of the month. They have a hire and fire policy and that is it!

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#14 RE: BT or CSC
05/06/2008 16:49

ZB to Charlie (#13)

Come to ACN!

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