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Strategy Consulting in KPMG

#1 Strategy Consulting in KPMG
12/05/2008 16:23


In my country KPMG has two open vacancies that look like strategy consulting:

1. Associate, Strategic and Commercial Intelligence Group, Transaction Services Department

2. Associate, Strategy Group, Transaction Services Department

However, as far as I know, KPMG doesn't provide pure strategy consulting services. Could you compare these strategy positions (in KPMG)with similar in MBBB?

I suppose that positions listed above are closer to investment banking than to MBBB due to transaction nature of KPMG projects. Am I right?

Thanks in advance!

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#2 RE: Strategy Consulting in KPMG
12/05/2008 22:08

Expat to Alexey (#1)

The Strategic and Commercial Intelligence Group isn't really strategy consulting. It's essentially gathering sector intelligence in a particular market (e.g. the cement industry in Pakistan, FMCG in Bulgaria), to provide a benchmarking context for a client making an acquisition or investment in that sector/market.

I don't think that the purists on this forum would call this strategy consulting, but there's certainly an overlap with elements of strategy consulting and it can be interesting work.

Not sure what the strategy group in TS is.

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#3 RE: Strategy Consulting in KPMG
12/05/2008 23:27

ex kpmg to Expat (#2)

TS is not strategy consulting - it is audit work with a different spin

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#4 RE: Strategy Consulting in KPMG
13/05/2008 14:41

Tun to Alexey (#1)

Interesting question... Does anyone know what strategy group in transaction services is?

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#5 RE: Strategy Consulting in KPMG
14/05/2008 14:17

Alexey to Tun (#4)

Anyone from KPMG?

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#6 RE: Strategy Consulting in KPMG
27/08/2010 12:18

Chipzilla to Alexey (#5)

I'd really like to know more about SCI as well. In my country KPMG is hiring both associates and executives for this position. I'd like to know who their competitors are, what education they provide to their employees and where people go after SCI.

One thing I've already seen is that for the associate or manager positions they prefer to hire ex-strategy consultants.

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#7 RE: Strategy Consulting in KPMG
28/08/2010 06:59

fb to Chipzilla (#6)

The SCI group will be mainly doing Commercial DD. Generally it will be wrapped into a FDD report and presented in a single package to the client.

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#8 RE: Strategy Consulting in KPMG
28/08/2010 12:53

foreigner to fb (#7)

If you can say which country this is in that could be helpful.

I worked in TS in another big4 and we mainly did fdd, we'd sometimes bring in other expertise but rarely combined forces with cdd people which i always found strange...

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#9 RE: Strategy Consulting in KPMG
28/08/2010 13:15

Chipzilla to foreigner (#8)

It's about the main office in the Netherlands.

The job description is the same as on the international and Indian sites.

The KPMG SCI vacancies are seperate from their transaction services vacancies, although the job descriptions are comparable.

I'm wondering what kind of training they provide to starters, how long people tend to stay at SCI and what the exit opps are several years- can you eventually move to PE houses and corporate planning/strategy functions?

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#10 RE: Strategy Consulting in KPMG
28/08/2010 13:22

Chipzilla to Chipzilla (#9)

Also, is this comparable to Deloitte Strategy & Operations and PWC Strategy & Operations?

I'm trying to find out if SCI is still accountancy/RA heavy or more like the work the dedicated strategy consultancy companies perform.

For the associate position they require the following:

# be familiar with the M&A environment and worked with major corporate organizations, and have experience in more than one of the following: private equity, investment banking, advisory firm or accounting firm conducting strategy consulting.

# Have at least two years’ working experience in one of the following areas: commercial due diligence, operational due diligence, and post deal & integration

I am a starter with an engineering background however, so I'm wondering if this would be a good place to begin with. I have noticed it is considerably harder to get into SCI than into performance& technology or risk & compliance which are hiring like crazy.

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#11 RE: Strategy Consulting in KPMG
03/09/2010 09:57

Needle to Tun (#4)

Not sure about KPMG, but generally any strategy firm active in transaction service will be providing commercial due dilligence services. I.e. taking a view on whether or not the target's business plan is achievable by looking at industry trends, competitive landscape, the target's positioning etc

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