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Exit options

#1 Exit options
27/04/2008 20:02

Bored consultant

Hi all,

I've been with one of the Big4 consultancies (ACN, DC, CG, PA) for nearly 3yrs now, and am considering my options. My current firm focuses heavily on Government work (so I'm concerned about long-term options), and my role is very analytical (far more so than a typical consultant). I have held other roles within the firm (mainly biz dev and research), although still mainly around public sector.

I've progressed quicker than the official benchmark from analyst to consultant, and with my expected promotion at year end, I will have achieved in 3yrs what is normally expected to take 4 – so a really strong performance. But I am bored of government work, and my work is starting to feel more and more like number crunching – a worrying trend.

My first question to you is, what are my options? I'm not interested in 80hr weeks, regardless of the money - which rules out strat consulting, IB, PE etc. I've also ruled out Government, which leaves Industry. I've heard it said that there's considerable demand for consulting / analytical skills in strategic departments of blue chip firms, but what type of role should I look for?

Next, are there any headhunters that might be worth getting in touch with?

And finally, to what extent is it worth sticking around until I get that promotion, rather than getting out now?

Thanks in advance. TS

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#2 RE: Exit options
28/04/2008 14:49

TPS to Bored consultant (#1)

PA in the Big4 listing ?? Don’t make me laugh !!

It’s very obvious from your description that you work for PA. They tend to rapidly promote to Con level, so as to keep you happy on cruddy public sector jobs, and will regularly tell you just how much quicker you are getting promoted than your peers.

Don’t believe this tosh! PA do nowt other that public sector work, in a variety of guises, and only promote to PC level and beyond in extreme circumstances (often when staff threaten to quit).

I work in the FS practice, and our clients (other than in insurance) are all governmental bodies with some sort of vague nod towards FS. This is how PA can claim that Government now represents a minority of their client base. This is just juggling the figures. It explains our recent exodus of staff of all grades within the practice.

As for getting out of PA with 3 years public sector experience and nowt else, your chances are limited. Drop an application form to IBM – they hire anyone

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#3 RE: Exit options
28/04/2008 15:03

---- to TPS (#2)

And what, please tell, is wrong with working for the public sector?

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#4 RE: Exit options
28/04/2008 17:00

Mars A Day to ---- (#3)

There is nothing wrong with public sector projects per se. There is nothing wrong with a Ford Mondeo either, but I suspect most people would take the Aston Martin if they could.

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#5 RE: Exit options
28/04/2008 17:05

dave to Mars A Day (#4)

There is nothing wrong with the public sector and nothing wrong with PA. Incidentally, working for Aldi is equally prestigious.

cheers, yeah?

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#6 RE: Exit options
28/04/2008 17:06

------ to dave (#5)

Why do you think that the alternatives are better than working for public sector clients?

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#7 RE: Exit options
28/04/2008 17:51

Naanman to ------ (#6)

People who get real bonuses, have real jobs and real skills.

Public sector has none of these, in fact the worst Grads in any big 4 get put onto Public Sector its well known.

Hope thats you quiet now.

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#8 RE: Exit options
28/04/2008 18:04

NaanMan to TPS (#2)

Drop an application form to IBM – they hire anyone

Not in the UK/US anymore, go read up :)

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