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#1 Axon
25/04/2008 00:32


I have been approached by this firm for a Business Consulting role. I'm aware of their year on year revenue and organisational growth but a bit sceptical of their quality of clients (local councils); internal culture (political) and lack professional development opportunities.

Anyone current or ex-Axon people want to shed some light on how things stand at the moment within Axon Business Consulting and whether it is a good time to join the firm?

Thanks a lot

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#2 RE: Axon
25/04/2008 08:10

Councillor to pachanga (#1)

And what, exactly, is wrong with working for local councils please?

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#3 RE: Axon
25/04/2008 09:37

pachanga to Councillor (#2)

Fair point. Nothing wrong at all.

What I meant to outline was that there is simply too much focus on local council for someone with a non-public sector focus/experience.


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#4 RE: Axon
25/04/2008 09:50

Mars A Day to pachanga (#3)

What's your background?

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#5 RE: Axon
25/04/2008 10:17

pachanga to Mars A Day (#4)

Background: ex-Big 7 Business Consultant and worked mainly in Consumer Products and Telecom.

Having read some previous posts re Bus Consulting @ Axon, I am concerned about the high level of -ve feedback.

I don't mind broadening my experience to public sector if thats what the firm specialises in - However, I'd just like an account of the current state of affairs in terms culture, attrition levels, progression, training, salary levels as a junior/mid-level consultant.


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#6 RE: Axon
25/04/2008 12:58

Mars A Day to pachanga (#5)

You can do better than Axon to be frank; yes they look good on paper, but I talk to a lot of MCs and frankly have heard nothing particularly +ve about them; you'll come out at exactly the point you went in, both in terms of internal development and market worth. A good place to hole up for 6 months if you need the cash and that's about it. Sorry to be -ve but there it is.

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#7 RE: Axon
25/04/2008 13:42

pachanga to Mars A Day (#6)

Mars, thanks a lot for the candid response. I can almost foresee the exact picture you have painted. Yes I can do with the cash but trying to weight up against likelihood of frozen professional development and no change to worth after 6-12 months.

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#8 RE: Axon
12/06/2008 08:58

anon to pachanga (#7)

Interesting view that having worked on some of the most challenging consulting engagements, delivering cross IT and business improvement programmes, to some of the most interesting and leading companies, within a business whose growth, ability to win and retain clients, reputation for client delivery, high payers of bonuses to its consultants etc etc has consistently outstripped the market for each of the last 5 years should be seen as a bad decision and not worth any CV equity.

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#9 RE: Axon
12/06/2008 09:39

anon to anon (#8)

that was a long, long sentence.

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#10 RE: Axon
01/07/2008 16:23

SAP to pachanga (#1)

In my opinion, Axon are a lot of hot air.

Their growth has been sustained by consistently under cutting competition and selling complex, worthy solutions for peanuts (loved by local councils - the cheapness that is not the nuts...).

The lack of long term planning will burst their bubble.

Admitedly, good place for a few quick bobs but again, unless you are of an Accenture mentality (kill all, save me) then you will not find it a pleasant place.

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#11 RE: Axon
01/07/2008 19:03

pachanga to SAP (#10)

Just happened to log in and found this response.

Thanks all for the advice. I took the risk and declined the offer from Axon. Since then, I have accepted an offer from Deloitte and I feel it has turned out quite favourably for me :)

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#12 RE: Axon
10/07/2008 21:42

Ana to pachanga (#11)


I am recently considering a position with Axon UK and would like to know some latest feedback on the company and treatment to employees..



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#13 RE: Axon
11/07/2008 01:25

Anon to Ana (#12)

Given the thread is only 3 months old, it is a pretty recent view don't you think?

I'd echo what others have said...

If you're background is big 4 or blue-chip and you're wanting something similar, this ain't it and you should stick to the big boys.

If on the other hand, your background is predominantly within SME type industry or consulting firms, then this might be a good stepping stone in terms of e-2-e consulting lifecycle on large scale transformation projects albeit more on the implementation side.

Hope this helps.

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#14 RE: Axon
14/07/2008 16:45

Jo to pachanga (#1)


I have worked at Axon for over 5 years and never worked on a Public Sector account - I would say it is a 50/50 split between public and non public sector work.

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#15 RE: Axon
05/08/2008 00:44

anon to SAP (#10)

Axon has consistently delivered year on year revenue growth. In 2006-7 it also announced a string of profit upgrades (clever trick to do that if they really are 'buying' projects) . It now has c14 offices across the globe - including UK, USA, Central Amrica, Canada, Australia, SA, China and India. It employs in excess of 2,200 staff. It larger contracts are well into the £10ms. Public Sector represents only 25% of the total business (remind how that compares to CAP, Accenture and others?). Other key sectors include FS, Consumer, A&D, T&T, Retail. It consistently wins business off competition because it delivers on its promises, doesnt oversell and gets the job done. I suggest a refreshing change from the so called Big 5.

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#16 RE: Axon
06/08/2008 09:15

OOoooohhh to anon (#15)

...I feel 'somebody here' has a vested interested in Axon... lol

In my view, it is a flat organisation where you are milked for your expertise but never really progress up the ladder.

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#17 RE: Axon
06/08/2008 12:59

Agree to OOoooohhh (#16)

Ditto that last comment

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#18 RE: Axon
08/08/2008 12:56

Anon to Agree (#17)

If you mean providing some facts (see my previous post) rather than opinions (which you have readily admitted are all you are going on) then yes I do have an interest.

It continues to amuse me that the posts on this website about Axon do not recognise that it is one of the most successful consulting businesses in operation today.

Whilst everyone else seems to be cutting back, laying off staff and not paying bonuses; Axon continues to grow, pay full bonuses, recruit great people and win work.

I suppose success does breed some envy . . .

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