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Distance learning MBA from Warwick Business School

#1 Distance learning MBA from Warwick Business School
15/04/2008 13:35

potential student

Hi All

I am considering a Distance learning MBA from Warwick as it would enable me to get an MBA without taking a career break. I would be interested in peoples feedback on this.

Have you done it?

What was the course content like?

What was the time commitment?

What did you miss out on as opposed to doing this fulltime?

What's the perception of a distance learning MBA within the industry?

What access did you have to the schools career services?

Anything further you think is usefula dn want to comment on


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#2 RE: Distance learning MBA from Warwick Business School
16/04/2008 20:27

Consultant Bobby to potential student (#1)

I was in the same boat few years back and considered Warwick alongside Manchester, Aston and Imperial. There is only one problem with all of them (apart of Aston), which is that these are all text based distance learning degrees.

They will send you a list of guided reading at the begining of the term and you are suppose to sit the exams twice a year. So basically its more or less "Do-it-Yourself" kind of degree.

Believe me at times it can get extremely difficult to find the motivation to self stydy after a long stressfull day at work and there chances are that you loose the will to drag it for 3 years.

In the end i went for the DVD based MBA at Aston and in hind sight am quite happy with my decision.

Watching DVD's in airport lounges/planes is easier than having to read countless text books.

Good Luck with your decision.

Consultant Bobby

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#3 RE: Distance learning MBA from Warwick Business School
17/04/2008 15:05

Aida to Consultant Bobby (#2)

Hi there,

I have started DL MBA with WBS in January and from what I have seen so far it looks like I made the right choice.

Even though it is distance learning, there are various opportunities for face to face interaction and learning, including mandatory annual seminars, optional weekend seminars plus opportunity to take some of the modules on full-time basis (through five day seminar in various locations in the world). I have been to one of those in Stockholm last month and was impressed with the quality of tutors and students alike.

Also, being based in London together with a few other students, we arrange study sessions every couple of weeks to go through the assignments. This really helps to keep the motivation, as it can be tough facing all those books on your own.

There is a lot of discussion about DL vs FT MBA and I believe DL is looking better and better, evidenced by first ever ranking of DL MBAs done this year by EIU - WBS came first in the Europe and third in the world.

WBS does not differentiate between FT and DL degrees and you need to do the same exams. Doing it via DL route will show you can not just do a demanding MBA but are very good in managing your time and conflicting requirements.

Good luck and feel free to contact me if you wish to discuss further.


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#4 RE: Distance learning MBA from Warwick Business School
17/04/2008 17:20

potential student to Aida (#3)

Thanks thats a great help. Its good to see the study groups really work in londona nd its not just all talk. looks like I will apply

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