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IT security

#1 IT security
14/09/2003 00:00


Hi, I'm currently working for an IT consultancy company (2 years experience as a system tester) and would like to change my career direction to information security. I have few doubts and I therefore need a bit of advice:

1/ I would like to study toward a professional qualification and I have an idea of which one I would study for (CompTIA Security+), but can anyone tell me which qualification is the most recognised and the best?

2/ Does anyone know some companies who are looking for some junior security analysts in the London area (or even in the UK)?

3/ I am aware of few companies (Syntegra, Quinetiq, Detica) who seem to be quite good in the field of IT security. Anyone know who the leader/best companies are for a career in IT security?

I would be grateful for any advice anyone has to offer. Thanks.

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#2 Re: IT security
15/09/2003 00:00

Avinash Bhide


Some recognized certifications in the field of IT security are CISA (Certified IS Auditor) & CISSP (Certified IS Security Professional). CISA is conducted by American body called ISACA ( IT security professionals also have an opening in Big 4, Banking and Insurance sectors. Hope this enough. I worked for PwC, India in IT security for 5 yrs. Do you have the UK work permit/PR?



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#3 Re: IT security
15/09/2003 00:00


Avinash Bhide quoted CISSP and CISA qualifications. Both are IT biased, if you are looking for 'Information' Security then there are MSc courses at Royal Holloway and Westminster Universities.

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#4 Re: IT security
02/10/2003 00:00

john mcglone

Hello there,

Listen, my friend, if you want to get ahead, you really have to apply for your CISSP, not your CISA. The reason for this, is that both exams require 5 years experience in IT security, but the CISSP is more generic. The CISA is predominately for auditors and people who know IT audit, specifically how to carry out detailed analysis of the likes of UNIX, NT, etc... I dont have that knowledge and I still managed to pass both exams simply by studying the literature that is recommended. My main point is, that unless you want to be specifically involved in audit, then the CISSP is more for you, especially if you want to work outwith London as most CISSPs are based there. I am one of only 4 qualified guys in Scotland and although the job opportunities are less, the market is easier to get in to because of the exclusivity. If you are based in the south, then there is more competition but I can promise you that the Comptia exams are not going to get you anywhere. Concentrate on the Microsoft exams and the vendor specific ones like CCNA, CCSA and ISEB to get you started and then work up to the CISSP.

Hope this is helpful,



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#5 Re: IT security
19/10/2003 00:00


Cheers John, That's some precious information. However, why do you think that the Comptia exam is not going to bring me anything? Why do you think that the vendor specific ones would be more beneficial? And finally, is it really compulsory to have five years experience in IT security to get CISSP/CISA certified?

Any chance of getting your email so I can ask you some more questions? Thanks.

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