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Advice needed!!!

#1 Advice needed!!!
11/09/2003 00:00


I'm currently working as a business systems analyst, but have a great desire, like many, to get a foot into consulting.

I believe that my career aspirations have been hampered by my poor academic history, although this was due to my father’s terminal illness, who has now unfortunately passed away.

I hoped to make amends by completing a Masters in Business Information Technology for which I achieved a very high 2:1 (obtaining 1sts in many of the modules), but I find that my career prospects are still marred by my previous academic history.

Currently I am studying for an MBA (distance learning). I achieved excellent results in the GMAT test and was hoping this would pull me out of this trap that I am in.

For many of the jobs that I applied for, I've had to sit numerical and psychometric tests, for which I consistently achieved above 90% in marks.

My wish is that one day some firm could look beyond my earlier academic history and give me a chance by testing me, so as to prove my aptitude for a role, but this is not the way it works unfortunately.

Do you think I can get past this, or do you think I need to give up my dream of working in a consultancy.

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#2 Re: Advice needed!!!
11/09/2003 00:00


All is not lost. Join a consultancy which appreciates your skills and background and work your way into higher areas when your track record permits. Qualifications do not necessarily equate to common sense, business accumen and the ability to learn! Your communication skills will be key to your success not your GCSEs.

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#3 Re: Advice needed!!!
12/09/2003 00:00


Dear Neville

Thank you for your words of encouragement. I was wondering if you knew of any such consultancies that I could approach?

Kindest regards

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#4 Re: Advice needed!!!
14/09/2003 00:00


If you exhibit good inter-personel skills and make good contacts, that will help too in your qwest. Cold call the HR depts and talk to some of the people involved, make out a list of people you know directly (A-list) or indirectly (B-list) that work in consultancies or know people who do. Sell yourself at every opourtunity and dont give up not mattter how many setbacks. When you do make contacts, set a side 10 minutes every two weeks to catch up and have a chat with said people. In two years time you reap the rewards.

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#5 Re: Advice needed!!!
15/09/2003 00:00

Avinash Bhide

You can consider joining small consultancies which fall under Tier III or even IV (Below the McKinsey and Big 4), which would be ready to accept you for your current possessions in terms of experience. Once you get 3/5 yrs solid experience then you may get warm reception form Tier-up consultancies. Rgds, Avinash

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#6 Re: Advice needed!!!
16/09/2003 00:00


Get the A-Z of Management Consultancies if you are UK-based or find out what the equivalent is in your own country. You can get this from the City Business Library in London. It lists most UK management consultancies so you can identify tier three consultancies.

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#7 Re: Advice needed!!!
18/09/2003 00:00


Dear all,

Went to the City Business Library but could not find relevant literature. I was given another reference guide, however the tier system was not clearly defined. Therefore would someone be kind enough to highlight tier 3 consultancies. Best regards.

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#8 Re: Advice needed!!!
26/09/2003 00:00


You'll need an Ivy laegue MBA/Phd...


Be an acknowledge centre of excelelnce in a particular emerging field, where there are not many players

and still

You'll need to network @ teh Partner level..

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