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#1 Dunnhumby
24/03/2008 15:20


[Sorry for repost but title was wrong on last one]

Nothing on here about Dunnhumby since early 2007, anybody have any idea how they are doing?

I understand they are marketing focussed but are looking to grow into other areas of consultancy, how has this be going?

Any idea of starting pay for an fresh grad?

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#2 RE: Dunnhumby
27/03/2008 13:36

Casio to Casio (#1)

Bumpity bump.

Any thoughts at all guys, need help deciding between an offer from them and an audit role with PWC.

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#3 RE: Dunnhumby
27/03/2008 13:39

Village Idiot to Casio (#2)

They are totally different roles. If it were me, I would go down the more boring route in the short term (PWC Audit) -- a financial qualification and and PWC on your CV will take you a lot further than three years at Dunnhumby, even if the work is likely to be less interesting in the short term.

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#4 RE: Dunnhumby
27/03/2008 14:15

Casio to Village Idiot (#3)

Yeah it's a difficult choice. I'd be interested to know about Dunnhumby's cache and exit options?

I know how far ACA with PWC can take me, so it's the comparison I'm interested in really.

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#5 RE: Dunnhumby
27/03/2008 21:22

DCF to Casio (#4)

Dunnhumby's cache? Its cache of what? Arms and ammunition?

And please, no more talk of exit options you dull little instrument. Try and think of something you will enjoy and be good at. Proper jobs do not require exit options.

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#6 RE: Dunnhumby
27/03/2008 21:57

Casio to DCF (#5)

I'm quite sure exit options comes near top of every graduates considerations when choosing their first role. After all it will have no small part in dictating the rest of their lives. Do you have anything constructive to add?

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#7 RE: Dunnhumby
28/03/2008 09:37

DCF to Casio (#6)

Funnily enough, it doesn't. Many graduates choose a career (as distinct from a job). One factor in their choice will certainly be the quality of experience they are likely to gain and what options it might open up in the future, but that's not the same as that hateful phrase 'exit options'. This appears to be uniquely confined to know-nothing consultants.

I see hundreds of the plums start here as graduates every year. All bright-eyed, bushy tailed, good A Levels and degrees one and all. But mostly bereft of direction or passion, and attracted, as their limited imaginations dictate, to the solid brand name they will get on their CV. The saddest thing of all is that they then think they have won first prize in the lottery of life and disdain those who have actually achieved something more noteworthy (but 'less glamorous') that will take them somewhere.

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#8 RE: Dunnhumby
28/03/2008 10:31

Casio to DCF (#7)

The reason you see so many with good A levels and good degrees looking for a good brand is because that is simply a good life tactic at this stage. It's not because we've bought into some kind of conspiracy, I know there is life beyond PWC, McK, Goldman.... but you have to do your time to earn, learn and meet who you can.

No I, and most other grads, don't have a particularly strong passion or direction. I won't apologise for that, don't forget many more years have passed over your wisened old head. You know you and your plump wife want to move out of the city and have a small farm, I haven't got there yet.

I have a general idea of where I want to be, we ask these questions simply to plot the best route.

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#9 RE: Dunnhumby
16/04/2008 22:17

Nissan to Casio (#8)

I'm about to turn down offers from two big 4's in Audit (ACA) to go to Dunnhumby. Reasons:

- Much more interesting work.

- Relaxed work environment and fun colleagues.

- They have 50% compound growth 3 years running and are geographically expanding at a rapid rate = opportunities?

- I don't want to study 2 more years of Accountancy!

Am I mad? Pay is only slightly better at Dunnhumby.

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