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Delotte London

#1 Delotte London
18/03/2008 15:31



I have accepted an offer with DC to start this august. I am interested in hearing from current graduates.

My question is as I am moving over from Ireland, do we definitely start in London or can we be placed in a project away from London straight after training. This information would be useful as I have to decide on whether to start apartment hunting or not. If so, what are the areas deloitte graduates tend to live in London?

Thanks for any help

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#2 RE: Delotte London
18/03/2008 15:47

anon to hero (#1)

clapham is a favourite destination for those on the grad schemes.

inferno's leaves little to the imagination...

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#3 RE: Delotte London
18/03/2008 15:55

New joiner to hero (#1)

For accommodation or flatshare, have a look at, or

Near Clapham Junction is good, but difficult to get to the DC offices. Try Wimbledon (straight to City Thameslink, and full of “friendly” South African girls) or Ealing (straight into the City on the Central line and good access to Heathrow)

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#4 RE: Delotte London
24/03/2008 14:00

Anon to hero (#1)

I joined as a grad last Auguat and wondered the same thing before I moved down from Newcastle. Basically you'll spend Aug - Oct in training and thereafter you could literlarrly be based anywhere. Some spend all their time on London proects, others spend time away from London and others are a mixture of London/non london short term and long term.

Basically you'll need to live either in London or close to London. As a new grad you'll have abolsoutley no influence where you go, your prefs will not mean much to scheduling.

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#5 RE: Delotte London
25/03/2008 12:45

hero to Anon (#4)

ok mate thanks for your help. out of interest where did you end up. so basically get an apartment in london for the start and worry about it after october...suppose thats ok. not overly happy with that, obv being from ireland im only interested in london and not other shitty english towns, but itll be interesting in someway i guess

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#6 RE: Delotte London
25/03/2008 13:44

T'be sure to hero (#5)

Obviously being from Ireland isn't any English town an improvement? (apart from Croydon of course). Just make sure you bring an open mind and willingness to learn, as times have moved on from the 19th Century over here.

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#7 RE: Delotte London
25/03/2008 16:54

Paddy to T'be sure (#6)

ha no i assure you ireland is now much more affluent than liverpool, doncaster, sheffield etc etc etc. but an open mind and a willingness to learn will be present dont worry about that. funny comment though, i hope my future english collegues will be as witty as you, looking forward to the banter (and taking all the hot english girls from ye)

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#8 RE: Delotte London
25/03/2008 17:05

IrishinLondon to Paddy (#7)

As an Irishman living in London and working in consulting for many years, my counsel to you is to drop some of your prejudices and preconceptions if you want to succeed in consulting outside Ireland.

If its so wonderful in Dublin, why leave?

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#9 RE: Delotte London
25/03/2008 17:20

Casio to IrishinLondon (#8)

As a fellow Irish man I think (maybe hope) he's joking. I think all of us over here appreciate what a fantastic place for a career in consulting London and the rest of the UK is. Not much MBBB presence in Ireland is testament to that. Though maybe that will be changing as the economy continues to prosper here?

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#10 RE: Delotte London
25/03/2008 17:39

IrishinLondon to Casio (#9)

Indeed. My concern though is that antediluvian attitudes like this are still so prevalent within Ireland, and many Irish people come to the UK with this sort of superior attitude.

If an English person started slagging off Lucan, Drogheda, or some such, Irish people would be rightly offended at that sort of ignorant remark. We shouldn’t accept it when its coming from a fellow Irish man.

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#11 RE: Delotte London
25/03/2008 20:13

HERO to deleted (#0)

well obviously dublin is in bits for consulting...especially deloitte, hence moving to london. half joking id say (not about taking all the hot girls though). prob still going to paint the town green in fairness. i wont bring any out of order attitudes over or anything, just make whoever needs telling of their inferiority.

ps. very thankful for the opportunities the UK presents in consulting for a young irish graduate.

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#12 RE: Delotte London
25/03/2008 20:21

anonymous p to HERO (#11)

P.S antediluvian = you're in bits. i duly hope i will not turn into a consultant who feels its nescessary to use terms like this (even though i have a first in my masters)..looking forward to representing ireland in a much fonder light than you when i embark on my consulting career...which will be amazing

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#13 RE: Delotte London
25/03/2008 20:34

hero to anonymous p (#12)

hello all,

This is very strange. I am the person who left the original post and question. To the person above, are you also going to Deloitte in august, if so, what college are you in? humorous posts but slightly offending if you're serious

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