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Here we are....

#1 Here we are....
17/03/2008 16:07

Sir Paul

…….preparing facile, pointless, generic, unwelcome powerpoint decks as we ponder the highlight of our evenings - namely, whether the travelodge housekeepers have left custard creams or bourbon biscuits in the Travelodge while, at the sametime Heather Mills is with the chaps in Coutts pondering how to invest her £25,000,000. Consulting – living the dream?

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#2 RE: Here we are....
17/03/2008 16:12

grils are expensive to Sir Paul (#1)

so stay alone ;-)

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#3 RE: Here we are....
17/03/2008 16:13

Arthur D Guinness to Sir Paul (#1)

... or looking forwards to getting piddly eyed for St Patricks night !!

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#4 RE: Here we are....
18/03/2008 06:53

Ringo to Arthur D Guinness (#3)

bizarre story that. She is bleating on about how her lawyers wanted 600k to represent her. You should represent yourself etc. Are you really telling me that a decent lawyer could not have got her more? Silly woman, moaning on about how the court considered that he had 400mil not the 850 mil everyone knows he has. She has money now, of course, but she is stuck in the UK because her daughter has to go to a particular school according to the court order.

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#5 RE: Here we are....
18/03/2008 07:05

Mr S. Kint to Ringo (#4)

Hello ringo, you are up early today

Re: Ms Mills, I get the impression that her battle was as much about dignity and pride as it was about the money. What with taking make-up artists around with her and representing herself in person, she seems to be on a bit of a personal mission of some sort.

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#6 RE: Here we are....
18/03/2008 11:53

Seeker to Mr S. Kint (#5)

This Mills fiasco is a complete disgrace. How the HELL can she justify the amount she was after, let alone what she actually got. She contributed nothing, and expects everything. It looks like she might have to live below the breadline like the other 99% of the population. That poor child....doomed to live a life of squalor. Since when have such astronomical fees been required to live a comfortable life? Watching scum like her earn fortunes for simply doing nothing makes me sick.....people should not be allowed to do this. Sure, factor in lost earnings...but she's a cretin, her career was washed up and she was looking to make a quick buck. And then to cap it all off was the self-righteous statement at the end of the court hearing, proclaiming a victory over evil, the salvation of a victim in a system that was so out to 'get her'. At least the 'snakes' that make fortunes actually have to work and sacrifice. The only sacrifice she made was probably over which dress she had to let go on her wedding day - maybe another choice might have actually got her more from whoring her photos to OK!.....HELLO! you siren, I'm sure those the indignant feelings directed at your meagre sum will eventually subside - but then again, there's more chance of the ‘let’s do lunch and then maybe a spell on bond street?’ crowd marrying rich men for their gravitas and rugged good looks.

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#7 RE: Here we are....
18/03/2008 12:00

Imagine... to Seeker (#6)

While he's being made to give up some of his ridiculous fortune built off the back of Sir Lennon, McScouser should have been even charged more for the boring, extra mature stiltony durge that is wheeling out Hey Jude at every opportunity.

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#8 RE: Here we are....
18/03/2008 12:17

indeed to Imagine... (#7)

the whole thing is very messy and you cannot help getting a nasty feeling that he, with high powered lawyers, PR/Press control people etc has succeeded in turning the country against her and in making her look bad. Doubtless if she loses the apeal and the results of the hearing are published, the report will be damning. I think she is in way over her head and a part of me actually feels sorry for her. Powerful people have the ability to manipulate the way in which they are perceived through the media. I sincerely doubt that she is as bad as people are making out. She has some formidable enemies now.

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#9 RE: Here we are....
18/03/2008 12:59

Tony to indeed (#8)

I would have given it all to charity before I would have given her a pound of it!!

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#10 RE: Here we are....
18/03/2008 13:00

indeed to Tony (#9)

you see? it works....

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#11 RE: Here we are....
18/03/2008 15:20

Seeker to indeed (#10)

Yes it does, and he probably has played the media. But the very concept of vacuous wives obtaining obscene amounts of money from their husbands when, in many cases, the circumstances do not justify it is insanity. Mills is just a public manifestation of this sickening phenomenon.

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#12 RE: Here we are....
18/03/2008 16:00

Devil in her heart... to Seeker (#11)

Well, we all know who will be twisting and shouting after today!

This all proves once again that you can't buy me love. They went down the long and winding road to marriage but did they really come together?

Maybe with a little help from her friends she could have just let it be and got on with her life, maybe move to an octopus garden with some strawberry fields outside, but she had to get back at Paul and probably gave him at least one hard days night. Did she ask for help? Probably, but I'll bet you a lot of money she will become a paperback writer after this.

Lets just hope Paul doesn't live to regret yesterday, although at least he's know free as a bird...

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#13 RE: Here we are....
19/03/2008 06:46

Mickey to Devil in her heart... (#12)

Now that Heather got her taste of honey off Mean Mr Mustard, she can booger off in a yellow submarine.

I'm scraping the bottom of the barrel now, I know...

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#14 RE: Here we are....
24/03/2008 17:35

Linda to Mickey (#13)

I heard she was hopping mad at the settlement?

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