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PA Bonus

#1 PA Bonus
12/03/2008 07:38


That time of the year when we share the good spirit around:




Bonus % OR £:

I have my meeting on the 17th - So will upload my details then

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#2 RE: PA Bonus
12/03/2008 09:18

PAer to Curious (#1)

Grade: C

Bonus 43%

Payrise: £4,500

Score 3.79

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#3 RE: PA Bonus
12/03/2008 18:23

riter to PAer (#2)

Got my today

Position: PC

Wireless Network in Melborne

Bonus: 38%

Pay rise: £8,900

I'm quite chuffed about it. Although I hear people in Government have made a packet. Bonus up to 50%, but the salaries are a lot lower

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#4 RE: PA Bonus
12/03/2008 20:27

Anon to riter (#3)

riter, what score did you get?

Well done by the way!

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#5 RE: PA Bonus
13/03/2008 06:57

Curious to riter (#3)

9K Payhike and 38% Bonus - Wow. Did you get promoted ??

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#6 RE: PA Bonus
13/03/2008 07:48

riter to Curious (#5)

No, its because there are organisational problems with that I was told: you know too many chiefs and little indians sort of thing. I'm by my line manager that PA is looking to undergo more structural and organisational change in terms of business definition and business-model implementation. Until that process is fully defined, characterised and delivered, I suspect promotions, team structure and business proposition is still uncertain.

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#7 RE: PA Bonus
13/03/2008 09:11

EDSer to riter (#6)

zero bonus as usual (EDS Consulting)

I know EDS is a PLC not an employee owned company like PA, but a few quid bonus for all my effort would be nice

I'm going to dust down the CV and get across to PA

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#8 RE: PA Bonus
13/03/2008 17:23

anon to EDSer (#7)

Two questions:

1. Do you earn bonus in the first year you join, or do you have to there for so many years before you get bonus?

2. If i compare PA with an equivalt consultancy, why would I not go for a PA job since the bonus is so good? What is the down-side?


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#9 RE: PA Bonus
13/03/2008 18:18

desl to anon (#8)

Hold on Anon,

My bonus was not that great, I got 27% this year. It's not all 40% plus bonus at PA. One of the points to note is PA is very heavy on process improvement, business optimisation, and process control configuration type work. This type of work is process and data rich which means it is time consuming and effort driven. The sacrifice you make in terms specialism, industry scope and technical expertise means the bonus need to reflect this

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#10 RE: PA Bonus
13/03/2008 21:59

below expectations to desl (#9)

2% payrise

28% bonus

2.5 score

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#11 RE: PA Bonus
14/03/2008 09:16

anon to below expectations (#10)

27% bonus not great :-) I'm in the wrong job

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#12 RE: PA Bonus
14/03/2008 11:44

anon to anon (#11)

But as any consultant worth their salt would realise it 27% of what that is the key metric.

Worth bearing in mind that PA base salaries tend to lag the market, you do very well if you have a good year when PA has a good year. If this specific circumstance doesn't play out its not quite so rosy.

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#13 RE: PA Bonus
14/03/2008 13:14

Another one to anon (#12)

Within BOP in the UK, our pay rises and bonuses are greatly down from last year, with few people below MC level getting anything in excess of 25%. This despite 2007 being another record year for the practice.

In terms of assessing the worth of the PA bonus, it is worth noting that the percentage figure is artificially inflated on three bases:

1) the figures given are based on average salary in the previous year rather than salary at the end of the year, thereby diluting the effect of any pay increase from the previous year

2) the bonus is stated gross of employers national insurance, and so is overstated by 10%

3) there is a large deferred element in the bonus, which the employee will lose if you leave the company within 3 years

So the net result is that while a 25% figure might seem very generous, the true figure is often under half that (and that's before tax and national insurance are deducted at the employees marginal rate)

It would be far preferable if PA were more honest with employees, and paid market rate salaries rather than hiding behind the smoke and mirrors of bonuses, and share issuances.

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#14 RE: PA Bonus
14/03/2008 15:23

I don't know how long you've been at PA... to Another one (#13)

...but I think the deferred bonus part is fair enough and once you've been in PA 3 years, these start feeding back in - also for PCs the deferred portion of bonus is 15% this year and less for more junior grades so isn't that big a deal. I think it is a fair retention strategy. I agree that quoting bonuses before emplyers NI is stupid and self defeating, but even with this I'm not sure how your maths works.

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#15 RE: PA Bonus
15/03/2008 14:40

not as happy to below expectations (#10)

Grade: C

Bonus: 18%

Pay Rise: £2,500

Score: 2.8 (because utilisation was low)

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#16 RE: PA Bonus
15/03/2008 19:44

anon to not as happy (#15)

Very similar to above for me.

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#17 RE: PA Bonus
16/03/2008 11:59

Govenor to anon (#16)

Overall bonus pot and pay rises in Government are well down on last year.

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#18 RE: PA Bonus
17/03/2008 06:29

Screwdriver to Govenor (#17)

Anyone from Manufacturing practice ? Bonus ?

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#19 RE: PA Bonus
17/03/2008 11:18

PA-er to not as happy (#15)

Very similar to "not as happy":

Grade: C

Bonus : 18%

Pay-Hike : 5%

Score : 2 (Joined mid-year and Utilisation was in 60s)

To answer Anon's questions :

1) Yes, PA pays bonus from the first year onwards, but it might not be in the same range as people who have been around longer, as its more tough to meet your utilisation targets in the first year.

2) PA does expect a lot more effort and time from you than other Consultancies. I cant remember anymore how many times I have been asked to attend 8 AM internal meetings (Account meetings, line management meetings, etc), and then rush from there to the client site for a 10 hour job. Also, right from Consultant level, you are expected to contribute to the Practice with writing Papers, helping on bids, building Practice capabilities, all along with at least 80% Utilisation. It might not sound much, but it all adds up.

In my 8 years of Consulting, I have never seen so many Out of hours work related emails than in PA - Am not saying its a bad thing, but its what PA is and so you are rewarded accordingly

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#20 RE: PA Bonus
17/03/2008 14:19

should i stay or should i go to Curious (#1)

Grade: C

Bonus: zero

Payrise: zero


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#21 FS
18/03/2008 16:16

FS to should i stay or should i go (#20)

Average rise is 4% for Financial Services. Bonuses also down on last year.

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#22 RE: FS
18/03/2008 17:58

sid to FS (#21)

Are you going to keep or sell your shares?

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#23 RE: FS
19/03/2008 15:54

Pacamack to sid (#22)



Score: 3,

Utilisation 96%, APR 3/4, 3/4, 4/5. 5/5

Payrise 6K + promotion

Bonus 22% (seems a little low by comparison!)

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#24 RE: FS
19/03/2008 18:03

PA person to Pacamack (#23)

That’s the real problem with PA – we claim that our people are the very best and then refuse to pay our staff their true market value. Not a recipe for profitable growth, IMHO

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#25 RE: FS
19/03/2008 18:32

thinking_move to PA person (#24)

Hi PA_person,

Is the PA wireless practice hiring now? they seem to have a few vacancies advertised with expiry date set as Jan 09'.

Any ideas?

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#26 RE: FS
20/03/2008 11:02

tonyEmo to thinking_move (#25)

Grade: CA

Bonus 19%

Payrise: £3,500 (and promotion!)

Score 3

Can't say i'm at all impressed

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#27 RE: FS
20/03/2008 11:17

tiny tim to tonyEmo (#26)

Which practice are you tonyEmo?

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#28 RE: FS
20/03/2008 13:46

tonyEmo to tiny tim (#27)

The wrong one!


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#29 RE: FS
21/03/2008 14:59

Farafeero to tonyEmo (#28)

Tonyemo - what is BOP ?

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#30 RE: FS
21/03/2008 15:25

EX-PA to Farafeero (#29)

Business OPerations practice:

A load of process mapping types, who mainly do work for obscure parts of the UK public sector. They are not a very happy bunch of people.

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#31 RE: PA Bonus
27/03/2008 15:09

Anon to Curious (#1)

Grade: C

Practice: An IT Practice

Score: 3

Bonus: £10K

Pay Rise: £8K

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#32 RE: PA Bonus
27/03/2008 15:22

Jimbob to Anon (#31)

My bonus hasn't hit the account yet. Hope its in before the weekend

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#33 RE: PA Bonus
27/03/2008 22:07

Leaving soon to Curious (#1)

Grade PC


Score: 3

Bonus 22% - my lowest since leaving Uni.

I'll be the one joining Deloitte then - with the "jam tomorrow" approach PA take to bonus payments I'll effectively get an 18% bonus.

Moving to Deloitte will secure me a pay rise of c£10K, a car allowance increase of £2.5K and 2 days extra holiday without having to buy them. I might also be able to get my working week below 60 hours including travel which would be nice. Best of all, I'll still get to work with lots of nice ex-PA people who've already moved there.

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#34 RE: PA Bonus
28/03/2008 09:41

Confused to Leaving soon (#33)

Dear PAers, I am really confused about PA's compensation now. A lot of you mention the fact that the numbers quoted potentially in an offer letter might not actually be the real numbers after 'deductions!'. Eg. Bonus of 22% ends up being 18% ??!! Could someone please clarify why and what is the impact on Base, Salary increase and Bonus for a PC level ? Ie. if PA quoted me some figures in an offer how should I realistically see them ? thanks

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#35 RE: PA Bonus
28/03/2008 09:42

Anon to Leaving soon (#33)

Leaving soon: I'm interested to know what salary range you expect to get at Deloittes at PC level?

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#36 RE: PA Bonus
28/03/2008 09:58

anon to Confused (#34)

PA Compensation (this may be out of date is as follows)

1. Base Salary (used to calculate pension and bonus %)

2. Transport Allowance (set based on grade)

3. Bonus

4. Share Options (dependant upon score in annual appraisal)

5. Venture / Alphabet Shares (issues when PA sets up a venture, value realised if it sells it e.g. Meridica which was sold to Pfizer)

Bonus is shown as a % of base salary, before employeer deductions of NI. Therefore you need to remove these, then tax at 40% and your NI contributions to get to the take home amount.

In addition part of your bonus is given as shares, I didn't reach PC level so not sure of the %, lower down the grades it was 10%.

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#37 RE: PA Bonus
28/03/2008 10:46

Confused to anon (#36)

Anon C - this is very helpful thank you - one more question please. When all PAers are sharing their news, they share Pay rise but not share the 'Share options' amount. What is the typical Pay rise % in PA and why did the initial thread not ask for people to share thier options - is it only a certain level ?

Thanks again

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#38 RE: PA Bonus
28/03/2008 13:53

anon to Confused (#37)

Dunno why others haven't shared, I got them at A and CA level.

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#39 RE: PA Bonus
28/03/2008 14:09

share options to anon (#38)

as the number of performance share options are determined by grade and rating then if you know those 2 things you already know roughly how many options a person received. No real need to spell it out.

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#40 RE: PA Bonus - 2009 place your bets now
25/02/2009 22:35

quids in to Curious (#1)

OK, so any guesses on this year's bonuses?

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