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How bad is accenture

#1 How bad is accenture
06/03/2008 03:28


How bad is accenture? I hear alot of bad things about the place... what do people typically do in accenture (across the various groups, MC, SI, T) what do people do after working at accenture?

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#2 RE: How bad is accenture
06/03/2008 09:18

On a scale of one to bad to accen (#1)

I'd give it about a 5.

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#3 RE: How bad is accenture
06/03/2008 09:43

Tony Restell ( to accen (#1)

I'd say it's a given with any major global organisation that you'll find loads of staff who've nothing but great things to say about the place; and a raft who are really disillusioned that it hasn't lived up to expectations. Accenture I'm sure are no different to any other major brand in this respect. These global organisations are also vast in scope, so any one individual could be very happy in some parts of the business and miserable in others.

As regards the value of Accenture on your CV, I have friends who were at Accenture and who've moved on to great roles in banking (ABN Amro), online (Google) and outsourcing (TPI). So there's no question that the brand can open doors for you as and when you decide it's time to move on.

Tony Restell

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#4 RE: How bad is accenture
06/03/2008 11:19

Mike Control to Tony Restell ( (#3)

I don’t know how relevant this is as I have no real links to the consulting world, but this is how I think of Accenture after actively visiting these forums for the past 2 years. A layman’s point of view if you will.

Good points

1. Great brand name

2. Deep area knowledge

3. Well structured development plan

Bad points

1. Long hours

2. Sometimes boring work (although I’d imagine this is true in many places)

3. Some long projects in places afar (I don’t know how unique this is to ACN)

4. Typecast as an IT company. Hence if you do anything else there people will still think of you as an IT bod.

5. Rigid and bureaucratic development plan.

Personally, if I were a grad interested in IT and didn’t have any long term personal commitments they’d be my first port of call.

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#5 RE: How bad is accenture
06/03/2008 18:09

anon to Mike Control (#4)

There's amixed bunch of experiences here.

I've been lucky and have done some interesting(ish) change management and supply chain work and have been able to develop some good skills whereas others i know have been doing deathly dull IT work through bad luck really.

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#6 RE: How bad is accenture
06/03/2008 18:42

anon to anon (#5)

I've been at Accenture in SI for about 3 years; have mostly enjoyed. A fair few of my friends and colleagues don't/ didn't seem to particularly like it, but who really loves their job anyway?

It's worth point out that, to a man, those people pretty much joined for the name on their CV and a reasonably decent salary straight out of uni.

From the outset they didn't really have a clear understanding of what the job actually entails. If you think you have a clear expectation of what it's like, and you're happy with that, then go for it

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#7 RE: How bad is accenture
17/05/2008 21:50

acn survivor to accen (#1)

Acn is a horrendous place:

- Your progress is related to your career counsellor and luck more than how well you are doing - or how well you are told you are doing

- HR and the appraisal system suck

- You rarely have a say on where you are going to be working - unless your cc likes you

- You can work your xxxx off and then your cc will leave and that will mean your career progression sucks

- Did I mention how HR suck and it's not meritocratic at all?

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#8 RE: How bad is accenture
17/05/2008 21:57

Agree with Acn survivor to an extent to acn survivor (#7)

Very right that HR can be bad.

The worst thing about Accenture is that your progression is down to your CC and the A$% you kiss.

You can work harder than Hilary Clinton and still end up with no reward but again this applies to most firms I gues but Accenture is bad with this and it ends up losing good people always.

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#9 RE: How bad is accenture
18/05/2008 20:20 to accen (#1)

I worked for them and I had good times and bad times. A lot depends on the project you are on, I learned the hard way that some projects and roles just don't match my personality.

Accenture has a great knowledge basis and some decent methodologies (not always great). The HR process is as any other big company; bureaucratic and not always 'fair'. But the formal way is the only way to do it in such a big company.

In comparison with LogicaCMG or CapGemini I definately rate them higher. Their biggest competitor in projects is usually IBM (also in image and reputation).

It is typically not the place (as any consultancy firm) where you spend the rest of your career. Especially people coming out of Uni and starting as an analyst don't tend to stick around for more than 1 or 2 years (one tends to describe the business model of Acn as 'using and burning down analysts').

Acn is definately a good experience business wise, personal development and networking (big part of your career at Acn). On a scale from 1 to 10 they score about 7 or 8.

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