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I do NOT understand

#1 I do NOT understand
03/03/2008 15:50

Ever So Confused

Right, I work at Deloitte, in Operations, as a grad. This means we can be doing anything from PL (Program Management) to OE (Operational Excellence - 6 Sigma etc.) to Finance.

After 2 years, I'm sure I want to move out of consulting. But what in God's name can I go on to do? What are the options open to me? It seems like in 2 years, I'll know lots of bits of things, but nothing in any element of detail.. If I wanted to work in industry for example, would I have to start on a grad scheme again to learn the ropes?

I'm so confused and scared that starting my career in consulting was the wrong choice.

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#2 RE: I do NOT understand
04/03/2008 07:52

do not be downhearted to Ever So Confused (#1)

if a lot of your work is ops based, a decent operations management job should be achievable. The finance projects will not do you too much harm in terms of broadening your skillset and making you a viable senior manager down the line. Hang in there. try to get 2-4 years under your belt. The one thing I can guarantee is that doing only a short spell is pointless. You are gaining some great experience (even if you do not realise it yet). Stick with it and make sure the references will be good when you leave. Do not spend the day moaning about the future. Focus on the present. Winston Churchill once said (can't remember the precise quote) something about not planning too far into the future, you can only handle one link in the chain at a time. Just focus on completing each project and keeping your reputation in good nick

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#3 RE: I do NOT understand
04/03/2008 08:21

Jen to Ever So Confused (#1)

Hi Ever So Confused,

I was offered a grad role at Deloitte (EA), and since I am still deciding whether to accept it or not, I was wondering if you could please let me know how come you want to leave it after 2 years? Why do you think Consulting could be a wrong career choice? And more specifically, why do you want to leave Deloitte?

I would really appreciate your reply. Thanks!

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#4 RE: I do NOT understand
04/03/2008 08:23

Confused too to Ever So Confused (#1)

Hi Ever So Confused,

I was offered a grad position at Deloitte (EA), and was wondering if you could shed some light on why you want to leave after 2 years. Is Deloitte bad, is consulting not very good...?

I would appreciate your input. Thanks!

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#5 RE: I do NOT understand
04/03/2008 08:43

Ever So Confused to Confused too (#4)

I know I'd want to leave beacause the uncertaintly that comes with the job is unviable in the long run, plus the travelling.

'Do not be downhearted', after two years do you really think I can move into industry at a management level??

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#6 RE: I do NOT understand
04/03/2008 08:56

Don't be downhearted to Ever So Confused (#5)

I had misread your previous message. You have completed 2 years it seems. I think you need to hang inthere get another promotion and look at that point. Lots of people bail after 2 years and you do not want to appear to be an also ran

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#7 RE: I do NOT understand
04/03/2008 09:00

part-timer to Ever So Confused (#5)

I work in the analytics department of a major FTSE 100 company and you’d be amazed how far being competent and having a good work ethic will get you. These are the sort of extra-curricular skills that I’d imagine you’d be learning as a DC, and the sort of things that a surprising number of people don’t have.

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#8 RE: I do NOT understand
05/03/2008 18:26

KeepDiscovering to part-timer (#7)

When reading your message I am thinking my early career after graduation. I was a trainee and involved in different projects in different offices. The company had a long history, was well-established but not best in class. I felt, at that time, that my experiences were piece-meal and not solid enough too boost my career. Plus the low salary too.

But several years later when I was looking for other opportunities outside, I found that my experiences and skillsets at that time were extremely valuable. Not many people had the wide range of roles, knowledge and skills as established in such a short time as I did, which was across commercial, operations, systems and process managememt areas. I also found, frequently, that my experiences before could be applied on my existing work. Financially, such experiences also gave me a significant (6-fold) increase on salary level.

I think what you should do is to review projects you have involved and find out what achievements and transferable skillsets you have built up. Then make a good cv to sell yourself.

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#9 RE: I do NOT understand
05/03/2008 22:39

Ever So Confused to KeepDiscovering (#8)

KeepDiscovering, that has helped so so much in terms of putting my mind at rest, as has other replies.

After 2-3 years, will I only be able to apply for work in industries I've working on in Consulting?

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#10 RE: I do NOT understand
14/03/2008 14:32

Tez to Ever So Confused (#9)

"We shall not cease from exploring, and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time." -T.S. Eliot

One of the problems often suffered by people in industry is th eblinkered appraoch, where they find out it difficult to see outside of their ow spere of reference. A consultant who has been exposed to a range of companies in different secotrs can bring new perspectives and shed new light on old problems. Sometimes the organisatin may not even realise they have the problem.

Keep building up your portfolio, and experiences to give wide bredth of knowledge.

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