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#1 Mars
29/02/2008 10:39



You are a constant (and welcome) presence on this forum. I can guarantee that most of the threads appearing on this site will receive a detailed, proof-read, considered response from you every day.

Is this an indication of the current market? Are things so bad at the moment that you have the time to post your replies? Are we sliding into a great depression, fuelled by stagflation, overpopulation, resource depletion and catastrophic climate change? These are genuine questions - no pejorative intent here matey.

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#2 RE: Mars
29/02/2008 11:29

Mars to anon (#1)

I have the time because I am not a CV merchant - I have strong client relationships, often for very niche roles, and work smart as well as hard. It is important in my line of work to be 'out there' listening to people and the market, discerning trends etc. Sp I make the time to contribute to this board almost daily as part of my networking, intelligence gathering, and for some light relief and quick witted exchanges! I don't believe we are sliding into catastrophe - the central banks have acted quickly and fairly aggressively to stop the domino effect caused by the recklessness of the IB sector's CDO mess, MCs are still hiring as is - importantly - industry; you only need to look at topconsultant to see that advertising remains robust and the major MCs are still recruiting. What is more retail seems to be holding up, which is always a good indicator. Put it this way - I recently purchased a new vehicle, and my dealer is flat out with sales much earlier in the year than would usually be the case, several of my colleagues have recently bought property, and my clients are on the phone asking for advice about how to leverage more from their hiring pipeline, how to design some roles for more senior team members to motivate and retain them, usual issues really but underlining the core confidence in the market. It's just more newsworthy to talk about Northern Rock, SG etc, but these are abberational - so much so that a run on NR caused outrage and immediate talk of stagflation etc. While everyone is TALKING about it, debating it, questioning where we are going over the next 2 - 3 years, everything is ok; it's when people stop talking about it, take it for granted, it's old news, that we have to worry imho. Because by that point we are already there and it has become a fact of life.

So I make the time to contribute to this forum, and if I can give some people at a cross roads in their career the benefit of some objective overview - hopefully with some amusing stuff - then so much the better.

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#3 RE: Mars
03/03/2008 14:48

Wanting to be Mars... to Mars (#2)

Mars - as a young, determined "proper recruiter" (not the "recruitment consultants" or CV merchants I know you hate) working my way up, I enjoy your posts and many of the insights, so I have to ask the obvious question - what car did you buy?!!

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#4 RE: Mars
04/03/2008 05:06

Martian to Wanting to be Mars... (#3)

My theory is that Mars is actually a student sitting at home having on-line comversations with himself. Come on Mars, come out of the closet. Let us know who you are....

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#5 RE: Mars
04/03/2008 08:40

Mars A Day to Wanting to be Mars... (#3)

Didn't buy a car bought a motorcycle as I don't drive a car but am a keen biker.

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#6 RE: Mars
04/03/2008 08:55

david to Mars A Day (#5)

Ok, which is better (subjective I know - looking for gut reaction):

2005 BMW M3 SMG


2007 Audi A6 3.0 TDI Quattro Tiptronic Le Mans

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#7 RE: Mars
04/03/2008 10:05

Wanting to be Mars... to david (#6)

Ah...cryptic - throwing us off the scent by saying a "vehicle". I have never heard a motorbike called a "vehicle" before! Unless you got a goldwing or something, then that is as much a car as anything... Maybe with the bonuses you earn a Ducati? Or even better, an MV Augusta! Make a real statement!

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#8 RE: Mars
04/03/2008 10:47

Mars to Wanting to be Mars... (#7)

If a motorcycle is not a 'vehicle' what on earth is it?

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#9 RE: Mars
04/03/2008 11:05

bowie to Mars (#8)

is there Life in Mars?

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#10 RE: Mars
04/03/2008 12:08

Life to bowie (#9)

Not yet - I have to go out and by the lube as he is not too wide back there.

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