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Age and Job Level

#1 Age and Job Level
24/02/2008 14:51


I know this is probably not the most PC of questions but I would like peoples observations and comments if possible.

I am going to be moving from industry (a grad scheme) to consulting in the near future and would like to know a little more about the general ages associated with level.

My concern is that I joined a grad scheme fairly late, although with a MSc. I was 27 at joining. I will be 29 when moving on and looking to go into consulting at C1 type level after two and a bit years experience.

Am I going to be an oldish c1 or around normal? Do you think C1 is the right level for someone in industry for 2 and a bit years?

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#2 RE: Age and Job Level
24/02/2008 16:27

anon to Git (#1)

Yes, C1's about the right level, and I wouldn't worry about age (easier said than done, but rest assured it's just not an issue). If anything, it can only help you look distinguished and mature, and thus more presentable to clients.

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#3 RE: Age and Job Level
28/02/2008 12:16

Young and on track to anon (#2)

I disagree. I think age plays an important part and he/she going to feel old for the role. People younger are going to be bossing them around and getting paid more. You should have got your head down earlier rather than wasting time messing about - perhaps aim for a smaller boutique.

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#4 RE: Age and Job Level
28/02/2008 13:00

yeah but no but yeah to Young and on track (#3)

no issue with age. You have to rationalise. it will be frustrating to report into someone younger than you as could easily be the case but the key is to be the reliable, safe, unpretentious pair of hands, happy to help but not looking to undermine. You still have a good many years ahead of you and you will most likely start overtaking people if you get your head down. Leave the ego behind, get on with the work and the rest will take care of itself...

Good Luck

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#5 RE: Age and Job Level
28/02/2008 15:08

Blunt to yeah but no but yeah (#4)


Don't fret. I know two work colleagues who moved from industry to Consulting in their mid 30s. One of them moved just last week! Sure, they might be reporting to some snotty, pretentious young wannabe who needs a good slapping, but hey, we all have to put up them. As the previous commenter stated, put your heed down, be helpful, be proactive, and before long you will have accelerated past him/her before he/she could say 'yeah but no but'.

Take each days as it comes.

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#6 RE: Age and Job Level
11/04/2008 11:39

Anon to Blunt (#5)


exactly! You got to find a way to deal with it in the meatime, though. especially in cases where you have to coach your supervisor who's couple of levels above you, much younger and with the same number of years less working experience. that can be a quite frustrating experience. Not amusing - been there.

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#7 RE: Age and Job Level
22/04/2008 19:48

anon to Anon (#6)

Don't worry about age. I'm in my mid-30's and started as a C1 and I occasionally have younger people asking me to do things. I couldn't care less because they are bright and I respect them. I don't care if the person is younger or older, as long as they know what they're doing. You will spend most of your time on client sites anyway where there is a broad range of ages represented. Bottom line - age really isn't an issue unless you make it one. People respond to how you show up and how you treat others.

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#8 RE: Age and Job Level
26/04/2008 17:02

Expat to anon (#7)

I'm in a fairly similar position to anon above and I agree absolutely. I'm in my mid-30s and recently joined a Big 4 company as a Manager. Of the two Senior Managers that I work with closely one is a few years younger than me, the other is a couple of years older; the only other Manager in my immediate team is a few years younger than me.

It doesn't bother me at all, in fact I've never really thought about it as an issue before now. Moreover I'm confident that I've got the skills and maturity to climb the ladder reasonably quickly.

As for "Young and on track" above, I think you're talking b*ll*cks. I spent my twenties overseas doing interesting and personally rewarding stuff that has given me specific skills and expertise that I've brought into consulting; I certainly wouldn't have that kind of expertise if I'd gone out of university straight onto the consulting treadmill. Definitely no regrets.

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