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Cunning deal

#1 Cunning deal
22/02/2008 10:26


Hi guys. A lot of you probably work for companies that pay referral fees if you recommend somebody they hire. Fancy a bit of quick cash? OK, then here's the deal. I'm an experienced consultant, not particularly happy with my current role because I'm so desperately underpaid for what I do. I'm looking for a role that has a great work-life balance (highest priority) but pays £60K+. I'm pretty relaxed about the type of work, but like 99% of people on here, IT's mostly where it's at for me. So... interested and able to help me? This could be win-win. Thanks!

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#2 RE: Cunning deal
22/02/2008 18:48

Not so fast to Fox (#1)

Its more of what we think of you and not your perception of self. I can do with a little more money but if you can't balance work with work, then better keep looking...

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#3 RE: Cunning deal
22/02/2008 20:40

pop to Fox (#1)

Why would anyone recommend a candidate who:

a) doesn't sound like they'd get through an interview

b) even if they did fluke the interview, would be a liability to work with

If someone's so desperate for cash that they'd risk their reputation on a dody reputation, they likely have nothing to lose (i.e. their reputation is so low that their recommendations won't carry any weight).

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#4 RE: Cunning deal
22/02/2008 22:32

anon to pop (#3)

Not so fast - Have you been taking drugs? If not, then why are you talking gibberish?

pop - Your reasoning seems equally bad. Are you the same person as "Not so fast"?

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#5 RE: Cunning deal
23/02/2008 14:07

Nokia to anon (#4)

Hmm, I could recommend a stranger from the internet, but there's too much risk and not enough upside in it for me.

Your post makes it sound like you would be difficult to work with:

* You come across as having an overinflated sense of worth ("I'm so desperately underpaid").

* You seem to have a poor work ethic ("a great work-life balance [is my] highest priority").

I would be concerned that you would not pull your weight in a team and would not provide a good return on your salary. As a result, you would make my team look bad, dilute our productivity and, by overpricing yourself, leave the firm with less money to give to me.

The risk-weighted downside to my end-of-year bonus far outweighs the referral prize. As such, I disagree with your fundamental premise that this is a "win-win" and decline your proposition.

In order to improve the success of future personal marketing campaigns, you might like to consider the following:

* Emphasising what you are going towards, rather than what you are leaving from. At present, you give a strong impression that you are looking for an exit from your present situation but haven't thought about how you will ensure your next enterprise is more successful and fulfilling.

* On a similar note, emphasising strengths above weaknesses. As outlined above, your current pitch implies a number of personal flaws. It's great to be honest about areas you are not strong or interested in, but it's more important to be clear about what you have to offer.

* Reviewing the financial terms of your deal. You are very specific about how much you want (£60k+), but you don't seem to have thought about the other side of the equation much. How much is a referral bonus worth? What is this value relative to your earnings growth?

* Reviewing the risk in the deal. You can mitigate some of the risk passively by tightening up your proposal, as described above. You can also mitigate risk actively, for example by providing a guarantee that you will remain in post for at least the period necessary to validate the referral bonus. Remember that any prospective partner already has a good job, whereas you are looking for one, so the risk burden is already on them.

* Making yourself available. You could do with providing background information, or contact details to obtain background information, that would allow prospective partners to perform some due diligence. At present, any prospective partner is required to release their personal details in a public forum and await your contact if they want to discuss the deal with you. If you want to be contacted, and don't want to appear half-hearted about the deal, you have to make yourself available. You can set up a temporary anonymous address for this purpose.

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#6 RE: Cunning deal
25/02/2008 09:42

anon to Nokia (#5)

Is the OP not just asking someone to reccomend him a company which offers interesting work while still letting people leave by 6?

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#7 RE: Cunning deal
25/02/2008 10:11

Dave M to Fox (#1)

Nah, it was a tongue-in-cheek conversation starter which seems to have been totally lost on some of the gormless robots in here.

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