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MSc (finance) in UK

#1 MSc (finance) in UK
18/02/2008 12:21


I was wondering how "good" are MSc's from Uni of Edinburgh and Durham? The top tier unis are not included because of their costs (from £16k).

Possible career plan within IB or MC. I have a BSc with good grades from sweden.

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#2 RE: MSc (finance) in UK
18/02/2008 16:08

MBB to Tommy (#1)

Don't know the courses, but they're relatively well regarded unis.

You do need to ask yourself why you want to do an MSc though. If it's for interest, then that's great - choose the course that seems most interesting to you.

If it's for employability, then you may want to think again. UK employers are considerably less hung up on academic qualifications than their counterparts in europe. A masters is not really a pre-requisite for any of the top MC/IB firms - in fact, I would say it was a marginal advantage at best.

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#3 RE: MSc (finance) in UK
18/02/2008 19:37

Tommy to MBB (#2)

MBB, I have a BSc in Electronics and Business Administation and Economics. The thing is that I dont have practical experience within corporate finance (if I want to work in IB), so I was wondering how competive my education really is in UK. My guess is that a MSc in UK should polish my level in english as well...

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#4 RE: MSc (finance) in UK
18/02/2008 21:41

durham grad to Tommy (#3)


I completed an MSc International Finance at Durham a couple of years ago, and have found it to be really useful as a point of distinction when applying to jobs / talking to clients.

Whilst you won't find recruiters queuing to talk to you like at LSE, Said etc., due to the 'top 10' reputation of the uni it is still very well regarded. My employer for example usually only looks at Oxford/Cambridge grads.

The courses themselves are interesting - modular, as with most probably, but some great modules available - behavioural finance very interesting for example.

For your choice of jobs, if looking at IB the masters will be much more useful than MC (I interviewed for both recently), but as I said earlier is still very impressive sounding to clients!

I've not much knowledge of Edinburgh MSCs, but socially/academically it's pretty much durham across the border. Am sure either would serve you in good stead.

Best of luck

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#5 RE: MSc (finance) in UK
18/02/2008 23:39

Tommy to durham grad (#4)

Thanks for your reply. Do you remember how much you had to pay for the MSc?

I also found out that St-andrews had pretty good ranking ac. to this survey:

I think I have to choose between Durham and St andrews...please share your thoughts. thanks.

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#6 RE: MSc (finance) in UK
19/02/2008 16:38

anon to Tommy (#5)


I'd also consider Bristol if you are still looking. It is right up there as far as uni's go, think exit grades are second only to Oxbridge and ahead of Imperial generally. They have more recruiters on campus than any other uni according to statistics. I did an MSc in Economics there and have done well as a result. Also consider Warwick if you're not looking at the Golden Triangle Unis. You'll want to look at Russell Group Unis generally.

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#7 RE: MSc (finance) in UK
19/02/2008 16:59

MBB to Tommy (#3)

From my point of view when I was helping with recruiting I didn't really give much extra weight to masters degrees at all. I also don't much care what your first degree was in as long as it was from somewhere good and you got top grades.

If you feel you lack 'practical experience' then go for internships or other ways of getting experience: I don't see why getting the MSc gives you practical experience.

Again, I'm not saying don't do a masters, I'm saying in my experience it didn't much people's chances of employment.

Best thing to do is probably to apply for the jobs you want, if you don't get interviews then try and work out why you didn't. If it's education, then go get a masters, my bet is that 9 times out of 10 it won't be education that rules you out.

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#8 RE: MSc (finance) in UK
19/02/2008 21:47

Tommy to MBB (#7)

anon, I have a budget limit of maximum £7-8k.warwick is above this limit.....

MBB, my concern is whether my current level of english is sufficient enough in the professional working life, which I doubt. Also I do feel that I am fluent there are times where I have to think after properly to express myself i a professional way...

But the question remains if 100% fluency is required when applying to internships? I know many people from swedish unis accepted as summer analysts but they went through contacts only....

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