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2nd Round - AT Kearney

#1 2nd Round - AT Kearney
13/02/2008 17:30


Hello guys.

I have the 2nd round interview at AT Kearney in 2 weeks and I am very excited about it.

They told me it will take 1/2 day and involve business case and presentation.

I am applying as associate to their sourcing team.

Has any of you gone through the assessement day at ATK?

Could you provide some insight on what is required and how though it is?

I think I will have to present to a panel of ATK people.

The 1st interview at the phone was great but I am sure the pressure will be much higher on that day.

Any information or tip will be much apprecciated.

Thanks a lot.

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#2 RE: 2nd Round - AT Kearney
14/02/2008 10:07

Steve to Steve (#1)

Can anybody throw some light?


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#3 RE: 2nd Round - AT Kearney
29/02/2008 02:11

Chin to Steve (#2)

Hi Steve,

I hope that you went well with your 2nd round interview with Kearney. I will be having an interview with Kearney on next week and they told me the format will involve business case and a presentation of the case to the principal. I am applying for a business analyst. So I just wonder would you be able to shed some light on the interview? Thanks a million.

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#4 RE: 2nd Round - AT Kearney
29/02/2008 09:28

Lula to Chin (#3)

What is your background Chin?

I did one last year with Kearney. It was pretty tough. I think Kearney selections are as though as Mckensie. They only take the best.

There were a series of interviews initially with different people from the team you are supposed to work with. The questions were around my CV and experience "What did you to convince a stakeholder", "How do you cope with stress", etc etc

The business case was around procurement transformation. I had 45 mins to prepare it.

Then presentation and technical interview.

Lastly the usual question on motivation, why you want to join ATK, what is your long-term objective and salary consideration.

Good luck

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#5 RE: 2nd Round - AT Kearney
29/02/2008 14:15

yup to Lula (#4)

I think ATK are recruiting very high calibre people and their assesment centre reflects it. In line with the above post it is difficult on the ATK assessment day because you have to do so many diffrent things, present, write, case studies, group work - certainly more range than in a sandard McK or BCG interview.

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#6 RE: 2nd Round - AT Kearney
29/02/2008 14:17

yup to yup (#5)

...just in case anyone gets senstive i'm not saying ATK is better than any other firm - just that they appear to have made a conscious decision to raise their intake standards, or at least their test crtieria

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#7 RE: 2nd Round - AT Kearney
29/02/2008 15:07

Lula to yup (#6)

I agree with Yup.

This is also the reason ATK pay much better for the same role in the Big 4 or Atos, or IBM, ACN, etc

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#8 RE: 2nd Round - AT Kearney
01/03/2008 03:22

Chin to Lula (#4)

Dear All,

Thanks for the input from everyone. Regarding the question from Lula, my background is actually Chemistry, none business related. I am trying my best to prepare it by reading some case studies books and going to MBB's website and try out their case studies. Other than this, I couldn't think about other ways of tackling it.

Just wonder how did you actually present your case to the interviewer? Is it through powerpoint presentation or other way? I think my interview will be similar to yours, cause I am given an hour to prepare the case and present it to the interviewer. This is actually something I didn't expect for the 1st interview. I was expecting some normal case studies interviews with couple of ppl rather than a case presentation itself. Anyway I guess there is nothing much I can do except trying my best to prepare for it. Thank you every much for everyone's input. It is much appreciated.

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