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First salary for a mover

#1 First salary for a mover
10/02/2008 10:00


Hi guys.

I discovered this Forum recently and it is great!

I am moving to consultancy from industry.

I have 7+ experience in Service and Manufacturing sectors plus an MBA by Spring time.

I am currently underpaid at 40K+bens but had to cope with it as a way to move from industry to Service and while I was finishing the MBA, plus workload is fine overall in my current company.

I had 2 offers so far from 2nd tier consultancy but I think when they see I am on 40K they tend to lower their package.

The best offer so far was 50K.

My ideal would be 55K.

I could move tomorrow anywhere in the City for 50K and refused jobs for 50K over the past 12 months for the reason explained above, hence I know I have a market.

What's your opinion? Is 55K too demanding?

I gave those reasons in the past but I noticed that the consultancy world is a bit more touchy than other industry, so I would like to know from you guys whether I risk to sound cocky.

Both have not come back yet and it's been 2 weeks. It could be bad or good news.

Thanks for you advice.

P.S. Of course I would not be that fuss if a MBB would offer me 50K, but for a 2nd tier I am trying to negotiate more....

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#2 RE: First salary for a mover
10/02/2008 11:09

Anon to Mover (#1)

If you like the company and are confident you can do well there £5k here or there shouldn't really make a difference - you can boost your salary when you join. After 2.5 years at a consultancy I moved to my current consultancy employer about 3 years ago (at a salary lower than I could have got elsewhere) but have done well and have almost doubled by salary now (close to 70 now).

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#3 RE: First salary for a mover
10/02/2008 16:21

Mover to Anon (#2)

Thanks Anon.

I guess I have so many bad things in my current company that I lost some faith that this country runs on meritocracy.

Also when I joined my current company I was told that they could not give me the level I was after because I was moving from manufacturing to Service and I had no experience in Service.

They then said that within 1 year they would have promoted me. But here I am after 16 months, still with my level although I am the top performers of a team of 40+ people on my same level. And my boss has got lower performances and less experience than me, but he's been there for 6 years......this is also one of the reasons I am looking to move.I would like to find an environment where these things do not happen.

I guess consultancies breathe on meritocracy and the best should be rewarded so it should be like you said.

Do you know how long is the average promotion from junior consultant for an average smart person? Also the company I am joining has bonus review every 6 months rather than 12. Is this the prassi in consultancy? It sounds good.

One last question: they offered me the car. Do you have to take the car anyway or you can opt for cash equivalent? What if you then have to travel? I know these are things I have to ask but I was just feeling if they get upset since you opt for the cash equivalent and then have to rent a car to visit the client.

Thanks for your tips

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