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Do I go Left or Right?

#1 Do I go Left or Right?
05/02/2008 12:25


Ok guys - I have a big decision to make here (well for me anyway) and I could really do with some advice form those of you who are in MC or even in the recruitment side of MC.

I have two options at the moment for a MC job:


(Option 1)

Location: UK London

Firm: Big4 Firm

Area: Operations Consulting

Position: Analyst Level

Salary: Standard graduate salary for London

(Option 2)

Location: One of the 'NICs'

Firm: Big4 Firm

Area: Strategy Consulting

Position: Senior Consultant

Salary: Very Good salary in comparison to the local average pay

About me:

- Recent Graduate (UK)

- BA (Hons)

- MSc (Dist)

- Variety of work experience; inc. setting up a small business while at university. But no real consultancy experience (apart from a short-term project advising a small business on its strategy/operations).

I can’t really give anymore information that that I’m afraid.


I am delighted with both offers and would take either one of these on their own – but I have to make a choice and can see the benefits of both.

What I want to know is:

**** Which option is best for me in the long term? ****

My current ambition would be to move to a strategy house some time in the future – although I have nothing against working my way up the Big4 consultancy career ladder, which is a definite prospect also – it is probably a bit too early to decide for me at the moment. But just to give you an idea.


My thoughts:


The 'NICs' job is a higher relative pay, higher position and it is has the exact area I wish to work in (strategy) and it would be an amazing experience [while also a bit daunting with a new culture/very steep learning curve].

However, I can't help but think that it might be better in the long-term for me to get trained in London first (learn the ropes so to speak) - as there is a large amount of overlap between strategy and operations projects at analyst level and THEN seek out that NIC opportunity (if it is still there for me). When I will be able to add more value to this more senior role - and have a better foundation to excel at this position - with the experience I will have gained in London.


Also, I would like to know how taking the NIC option would look to a potential future employer – as I would be going from graduate to senior consultant in one year!!

Would this look like impressive, i.e. accelerated career = strong candidate? Or would it look stronger on my CV if I did London first and then take up the offer in the NIC after? (Again, I stress, IF it was still there for me). Rather than it looking like I avoided the initial challenge of London.


I hope I have provided enough information for you guys to work with.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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