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To do an MSc or not to do an MSc?

#1 To do an MSc or not to do an MSc?
07/08/2003 00:00

Recent Graduate

I recently graduated with a 1st Class Honours degree in Information Systems and Computing. It is worth noting I did not attend a Red-Brick institution. For a career in consulting would it be worthy of me to undertake an MSc at an institution highly recognised by leading consultancy firms. My view on this is three fold:

1. IT job market is relatively slow at the moment.

2. It would convert me into a kind of "Red Brick" status.

3. Undertaking an intensive MSc would greatly advance my knowledge and analytical skills.

I would love feedback on the points I have made. and any advice. Should I do an MSc, or continue job hunting???


A. Recent Graduate

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#2 Re: To do an MSc or not to do an MSc?
07/08/2003 00:00


As a former Principal Consultant in a big 5 consultancy (and now a partner in a very small firm), I've had some experience in recruiting and developing new staff. Firstly, congratulations on your recetly achieved degree. Either choice you make could work out well for you BUT if you truly want to do your MSc, I'd recommend doing it now. Once in the workforce, it'll be tough to leave (trust me - you'll find a way to spend your salary!). That said, what about getting some work experience for 2 years and then looking at a part-time masters program. Consider an Exec. MBA with an IT focus - I think that the combination of experience and the broadening of your education would make you an even more attractive candidate. Good luck.

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#3 Re: To do an MSc or not to do an MSc?
09/08/2003 00:00


Having a science/eng background myself, I went into technology consultancy early on. I recently moved on from management consultancy after gaining some excellent experience with a big-5 firm to work with science entrepreneurs and technology start-ups. If this is an area of interest you can keep using your technology, pick up business/management skills and work by doing a PT/modular MSc in Science Entrepreneurship at Cass Business School, City University. There is a real dearth at management level of people that comfortable with technology AND business and this course is designed to fill that gap.

Government policy wise, enterprise and technology transfer is high on the agenda and there are numerous job opportunities for qualified management in early stage hi-tech companies...GOOD LUCK

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#4 Re: To do an MSc or not to do an MSc?
11/08/2003 00:00


I think you need to very very clear on why you are doing the MSc and remained focused. There is no promise that this will lead to a job at the end of your studies (if the economic situation remains).

In this economic climate, overhead costs and opportunities counts. I think you are better off building an experience ready for the upturn (when it eventually comes).

However, if you can really really gain something out your MSc and be ready to prove it to your target employers, then go ahead. (But you may not use all of the technical skills in the MSc).

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#5 Re: To do an MSc or not to do an MSc?
13/08/2003 00:00



Firstable i have to make some assumptions: 1. You just have finished your Bachelor school; 2. You are young and have not working experience. If i am right and based on my own experience I will recomend you to get a job for a couple of years, if it is at the filed you like, much better. It will give you some light to make a better decision on MSc you take and the field you want to follow.

Good Luck !.

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