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2020 Delivery??????

#1 2020 Delivery??????
08/01/2008 20:11


I have an interview coming up with this company - they are relatively new, having formed in 2006 and specialise in the public sector.

Has anybody any insight or dealings with 2020?

Thanks in advance

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#2 RE: 2020 Delivery??????
11/03/2008 17:43

Robert Dyas to cantab (#1)

I have the same question as cantab. Looking at their website, it seems to have been set up by some ex-Mck consultants, and is a very small firm. Cantab, what was your impression when you were interviewed there e.g. of the quality of people, offices etc?

I also have a more general question. How easy would it be to transfer to a larger consultancy as an experienced hire in a few years time? In other words, how valuable is their training/experience vs. a larger consultancy with a large component of public sector work?

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#3 RE: 2020 Delivery??????
21/03/2012 12:03

nari to Robert Dyas (#2)


Any chance you got answers to these questions?

I have an assessment day with 2020 delivery scheduled and havent found any info about it in the forums.

Any help will be much appreciated.

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#4 RE: 2020 Delivery??????
11/01/2013 01:39

TimBee to nari (#3)

Hi, did any of you attend the interview? Any info on what it was like? Thanks!

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#5 RE: 2020 Delivery??????
14/01/2013 18:08

pie to TimBee (#4)

I attended one of their interviews, which was a mix of assessment centre-style group exercises, and interviews. I don't recall all the specifics... but there were three of us, we were given some information and some time to review it and prepare a short presentation, which the assessors were all there both to watch us prepare and then deliver. It seemed quite awkward. From there, some CV and case study interviews. Oh, and there were individual presentations to prepare in advance... which you no doubt know already if they're still doing that. I found this difficult as the prompt was so broad. Good luck!

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#6 RE: 2020 Delivery??????
14/01/2013 21:27

TimBee to pie (#5)

Thanks for the reply!

Yes, they're still doing those prepare-in-advance presentations; we've been given all of 3 days to prepare them, and the topic is still incredibly vague - "Improving public services - the challenges and opportunities". Do you think this was more about just testing your presentation skills, or were they really interested in the content?

Also, about the case interviews - were they fairly standard cases like you'd get interviewing at a major consulting firm, or were they a bit more specific?

Finally, what was the group exercise like? Solving a problem in a team, or did there seem to be a bit more individual pressure to take charge?

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#7 RE: 2020 Delivery??????
20/01/2013 16:19

oxon to TimBee (#6)

How was the interview TimBee? Hope it went well!

Any info you have to share would be appreciated...

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#8 RE: 2020 Delivery??????
21/01/2013 02:21

TimBee to oxon (#7)


I'm afraid I haven't it yet as it was postponed, so nothing to pass on yet!

I was hoping for a bit more info from pie or nari or the others, but still all a bit of a mystery.

The presentation in particular I find quite baffling — how are you approaching it, if you don't mind my asking?

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#9 RE: 2020 Delivery??????
04/02/2013 18:07

TimBee to TimBee (#8)

I just thought I'd write something here, as everyone else seems to have no interest in sharing their experience here.

The group exercise consisted of a 50 minute session, 40 of which are dedicated to preparing a presentation and the remainder for the presentation itself.

The group is given a whole load of unfiltered information about a random topic, and is asked to come up with a short (3-4 min.) presentation introducing the topic (in this case, a public health problem), the nature and scale of the problem and then think up some possible practical solutions to it.

The presentation, the title of which you are given in advance, is purposely broad in nature. The people watching the presentations don't want to see the same thing over and over, so they encourage you to go wherever your heart takes you with this. I think as long as it's relevant, concise and has some interesting talking points, the presentation skills are probably the main thing rather than the content.

Finally, the cases you are given are not really like standard consultancy cases, in that there isn't really a need for a framework or anything like that. It's just about finding where the problem is with some fairly direct questions, and then some mental arithmetic.

All in all, quite a pleasant interview day; everyone at the company was very friendly throughout.

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