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Rank MBA Vs non Rank MBA

#1 Rank MBA Vs non Rank MBA
07/01/2008 20:55


I have decided to give a further step to my career investing on an MBA (or EMBA). I have started shopping around. I have checked the FT rank guides (which changes daily anyway!).

Undecided on how much budget would be worth an MBA, I applied to both options: a top one (the Imperial College with 34,600K for a part time (26Kfor a full time....and leave the job?) or the Westminster University MBA available for about 15K...)

The question now the long term....what money is best spent?

I am aware that some top companies do not even consider an MBA out of the rank...

Could I ask what is your point of view?

I am trying to make a decision and need to solve this dilemma as in the short term it is lots of money I am investing on.

Thank you

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#2 RE: Rank MBA Vs non Rank MBA
07/01/2008 21:11

Anon to Undi (#1)

Where do you work? What are your career goals?

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#3 RE: Rank MBA Vs non Rank MBA
07/01/2008 22:36

Former MBA to Anon (#2)

Tanaka is not a top MBA school, but at least it is ranked in the top 50. Westminster isnt worth the paper its written on. Go to at least a top 20 school or dont bother at all.

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#4 RE: Rank MBA Vs non Rank MBA
08/01/2008 08:41

Another MBA to Former MBA (#3)

Undi, This is a well rehearsed debate, so a good starting point wouold be searching previous threads. Although people will always defend their own career/training decisions, a synopsis of views over the years seems to be:

* The great majority of (decent) MBAs provide a positive return on investment in the short/medium term (say 3-5 years)

* Top companies filter on top courses; but also look for a broader range of skills/experience; hence many non-'top school' people in good positions

* The style of learning/experience has to suit your needs eg do you want a full time course with the uninterupted opportunity it provides for study - and a very useful network of contacts; or do you want to (are you able to?) keep your career going at the same time, (and apply what you learn directly to your work)?

* Like all things in life (apologies if this is teaching you suck eggs); you generally get out of it what you put into it; but as Anon says, you need to know what you want out of it first.

Hope this helps.

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#5 RE: Rank MBA Vs non Rank MBA
09/01/2008 00:27

death to Another MBA (#4)

When you are 80 years old, what MBA will make you feel better about your life? Will you care at that point about the (temporary!) better cash flow you would have had in a time waster MBA?

Go for the top MBA, the others are not worth your time.

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#6 RE: Rank MBA Vs non Rank MBA
04/02/2008 20:00

wailer to Undi (#1)

Before you decied to commit any money. Attend the Open days and try to establish how the Alumini valued their experience in the School.

If the Business School is not accredited by AMBA or any of the accreditation bobies,quite frankly, you are going to waste your time and money

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#7 RE: Rank MBA Vs non Rank MBA
05/02/2008 11:02

first dog barney bush to wailer (#6)

goto tanaka, its far better than westminster. your chances of getting a job are far better at tanaka than westminster.

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#8 RE: Rank MBA Vs non Rank MBA
08/02/2008 08:41

Rambo to death (#5)

If, when you are 80 years old, you care which MBA you took, then you have wasted your time on this planet.

That said, go for the best MBA you can, relative to what you personally want out of it (intellectual stretch, personal networking, career switch to specific industry, move internationally, improve your salary, start your own business, etc.). The FT and other rankings have sub-rankings by these and other subjects/career objectives. If cost is a significant factor, look at the value-for-money/ROI columns of the various rankings.

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