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Procurement Consultants

#1 Procurement Consultants
03/01/2008 18:06

Strategic Sourcerer

Hi All,

Fantastic messaging board here, love the banter with certain posters! Anyway, here's my question...

I'm working in industry (FTSE 100 company graduate scheme) within their in-house strategic sourcing department. I'm getting some great experience and enjoy the exposure that I'm getting with CXO execs.

I want to move to a consultancy in the next 2-3 years and wanted some advice on who are the big players (and any key boutiques) and whether moving so soon is advisable.

Also, more general question around sourcing. It looks like it used to be an admin function but has moved on a great deal recently. What's the consensus on strategic sourcing's value in consultancy?

I look forward to any replies!!


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#2 RE: Procurement Consultants
12/01/2008 12:18

East Enda to Strategic Sourcerer (#1)


I used to work for Deloitte Consulting in their Supply Chain area (3 years) and recently moved to AT Kearney Procurement Solutions.

Both firms are very active in the Procurement area, and are good places to gain some great experience.

You are correct in that Procurement used to be seen as a cost-centre and an area in which value could not really be added.

The view has changed recently, Procurement is gaining a far higher profile and is seen as a value add function, whether this is through cost savings or through improved quality of purchases, quicker time to market etc.

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#3 RE: Procurement Consultants
08/02/2008 11:26

Simba to East Enda (#2)

What about Atos?

I was told that in UK they have one of the largest and best Proc team and probably come second only to Deloitte in this business area.

Is it true?

Would you pick Atos vs KPMG/Deloitte/AT Kearney for a Procurement experience?

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#4 RE: Procurement Consultants
08/02/2008 17:51

Anon to Simba (#3)

I've heard that the best places to be (for procurement consultants) are

1) ATK

2) Deloitte

3) Efficio

4) Acn

5) Atos


Also, does anyone know whether a good procurement background (industry and consultancy) plus an MBA can enable a move to strategy? Not sure whether it's the done thing but a lot of the skills that both use are similar...

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#5 RE: Procurement Consultants
08/02/2008 20:22

Simba to Anon (#4)

Are these in no particular order?

I have heard so much bas stuff about Efficio! A friend did an interview there and was horrified.

I think they have italian management. You wanna stay away but those folks! They think they can run a consultancy in UK with the italian methods!

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#6 RE: Procurement Consultants
08/02/2008 21:39

anon to Simba (#5)

Maybe u should second check ur friend.. The Efficio's management is actually Dutch, German, Ethiopian and many other countries.. There is no single guy in the top management which is italian...

Maybe you have some personal issues with italians, but actually Efficio is not italian ;)

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#7 RE: Procurement Consultants
09/02/2008 17:29

Anon123 to anon (#6)

I've heard some good things about Efficio but there aren't any Italians that work there at all! It's run by ex ATK guys and I think it's a mainly German management team.

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#8 RE: Procurement Consultants
14/02/2008 16:49

Strategic Sourcerer to Anon123 (#7)

Thanks for the info everyone. East Enda, you sound a good few years down the path I'm hoping to take.

For ATK, have you got any tips for applying? Is industry experience well viewed or should I ditch it and apply for consultancy sooner rather than later?


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#9 RE: Procurement Consultants
14/02/2008 17:05

ATK to Strategic Sourcerer (#8)

ATK recruits from postgraduates to experienced so there are no barriers actually apart how smart and confident you are.

Good luck

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