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Deloitte TI: Technology integration Profile

#1 Deloitte TI: Technology integration Profile
28/12/2007 14:03


Dear All,

I got placed in Deloitte consultancy wing.

I am priety much confused about the exact type of work that is expected from TI profile.

would you please share your thoughts or some information that you have gathered?

I talked to couple of my friends those who are working in the firm. But i couldnt identify what is the extent of coding that is needed for this profile. or is it a pure IT job only??

finally if it is coding then how this job profile is different than that of being offered in TCS / Wipro / IBM or cognizant...?

Please share your thoughts..


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#2 RE: Deloitte TI: Technology integration Profile
28/12/2007 17:08

TI_DELOITTER to Amit (#1)

I've been on the TI gradate programme for just over a year and in some respcts it can be what you want it to be. Very few people, including myself have done any coding and those who are on coding projects are there because that's what they want to do. Working in TI is not supringly mostly IT related work but can range massively from process work, tesing, design, Due dilegence, bid work, assurance projects, pure advisory work around such things as procurement. Coding is only a very very small part of TI, I haven't done any in the 14 months I've been here and wasn't even mentioned in the 8 week training programme. You can get involved if you want to but if it's not what you want to do there are many more projects to get involved in without ever having to code anything.

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#3 RE: Deloitte TI: Technology integration Profile
30/12/2007 13:43

Amit to TI_DELOITTER (#2)


Thanks for the response.

Actually I would like to know what sort of work you were involved in? were you working as a recruit or internship student or something else?

as far as the information that i have got some of the projects involve JAVA or .NET coding.

Atleast for Associate Analyst post they offer coding job etc etc. So i would like to know more about some projects or type of work that we can expect at Deloitte.

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#4 RE: Deloitte TI: Technology integration Profile
30/12/2007 14:49

TI_DELOITTER to Amit (#3)

I joined Deloitte from uni as an analyst. The analyst programme is just over 2 years long and from what I gather life as an "analyst" is pretty much standard across most of the major companies.

As an analyst you can expect:

- Lots of PowerPoint formatting, reformatting, designs, more formatting

- Excel modelling

-Research gathering

- Testing of systems

- Requirements gathering

- Process modelling (UML etc)

- Due diligence work

- Working as part of PMO team

- Advisory and assurance work

- Working as a team on a bid for future work

-PD work (work that you choose to don in your own time that helps to develop the firm and meets your interests)

The sort of projects varies huge amounts. If you have programming experience there is a good chance you may be assigned to a programming project. If you have no programming experience (or don't put it on your internal CV) it's unlikely you'll be put on a programming project.

There is no typical answer to "what does an analyst do". It can vary massive amounts from one person to another. What's important is to build your network and get involved in projects that meet your interests. You seem particularly curious about the programming side of things:

If you want to become a programmer Deloitte is the wrong company for you. You can get exposure and experience if you want it but an analyst is prob 85%+ other skills than programming. If you hate programming and want avoid it as much as possible you should be able to find a good career path for you at Deloitte.

TI is a combination of IT and business analysis. There are lots of case studies on the website if you want example projects etc.

Good luck!

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#5 RE: Deloitte TI: Technology integration Profile
30/12/2007 18:49

Amit to TI_DELOITTER (#4)

Thanks Again There!!!

Whats your graduation background?? (Just for interest)

Actually I am not at all interested in hard core coding and building my life / CV as software developer. But I was affraid as I got some information that tells about coding etc etc...

Anyways it seems that there is ample amount of opportunity to build my career in deloitte. I am graduate from Mechanical Engineering. And still I want to build my career as a consultant rather than going for hardcore research or Techhyy jobs.

Thanks for clearing my doubts. I am interested in knowing all the aspects of business and work as a one of the business drivers. I think consultancy is the best field where I can get good orientation to all the sides of business thr different projects. And hence I am interested in joining Consultancy firms.

I dont want me doing the coding job thr out.

Thanks... and i would be interested in knowing more on these topics...


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#6 RE: Deloitte TI: Technology integration Profile
30/12/2007 20:31

TI_DELOITTER to Amit (#5)

I studied computer science at university and get exposure to range of projects. Not just developement work as you might expect. Your internal CV that you create and maintain when you join has a big influence on what projects analysts are put on. I neglected to put down any of my "coding" expereince or skills as I don't want anything to do with coding. So far so good! Any specific questions feel free to post.

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#7 RE: Deloitte TI: Technology integration Profile
31/12/2007 15:40

Amit to TI_DELOITTER (#6)


Will you please let me know about future plans or opportunities that I can seek or plan for during my entry level only? like for MBA etc... or what are the internal options that can lead us to nicer and responcible levels?

Will you please mention something about your point regarding internal CV ......"Your internal CV that you create and maintain when you join has a big influence on what projects analysts are put on." ????


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