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Proudfoot Consulting

#1 Proudfoot Consulting
23/12/2007 20:44

Kellie M.

Hi Everyone, Can anyone share with me there first two weeks at Proudfoot Consulting? Meaning, what was your training like, schedule, support? I start the first of the year and was looking for some feedback. Thanks and happy Holidays

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#2 RE: Proudfoot Consulting
26/12/2007 14:41

Janine to Kellie M. (#1)

I have a friend that works there and its alot of travel, but the experience of all the projecst you work on, you will learn alot and be very valuable to other industries.

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#3 RE: Proudfoot Consulting
01/01/2008 01:09

Morgan K to Janine (#2)

Not sure. I worked there about ten years ago. The work load was heavy but I learned alot, after three years I was ready to do anything! Good Luck!

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#4 RE: Proudfoot Consulting
14/01/2008 21:19

Anon to Kellie M. (#1)

so how were your first 2 weeks?

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#5 RE: Proudfoot Consulting
15/01/2008 13:08

another anon to Anon (#4)

Come on! She's not going to have time to reply to that question!

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#6 RE: Proudfoot Consulting
16/01/2008 15:51

Anon to another anon (#5)

Run! This company has somany loopholes and is so unstable when it comes to management it is surprising that they are still in business. There are so many gaps in communication between upper management and its staff. If you can help it avoid them.

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#7 RE: Proudfoot Consulting
19/01/2008 20:56

Luiz to Anon (#6)

current target is to reduce the numbers leaving to an "acceptable" 25% per year....from ???

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#8 RE: Proudfoot Consulting
20/01/2008 02:45

tate m. to Luiz (#7)

does anyone have an idea of what the hiring process of Proudfoot is? for example, interview, getting hired, and actualy starting. do you start right away or is there a pipeline before starting

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#9 RE: Proudfoot Consulting
20/01/2008 21:40

anon to tate m. (#8)


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#10 RE: Proudfoot Consulting
23/01/2008 16:45

KeepDiscovering to tate m. (#8)


I attended a Proudfoot recruitment campaign (in HK) before and got an offer (which I declined for family resons). They organized two rounds of interviews, the first one was with a project director and I was asked my backgrounds, qualification, experiences and skillsets. I was also asked a couple of topics in relation to consulting (I guessed they're projects they had accomplished). In the 2nd interview, the interviewer was a president (or something similar). Topics of the interview were similar, but at a more generic level.

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#11 RE: Proudfoot Consulting
25/01/2008 21:34

Marta K. to KeepDiscovering (#10)

It's okay but only if you are just starting out. Get experience, then run

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#12 Proudfoot Consulting
29/01/2008 20:08

Anon to Marta K. (#11)

Any 2007-2008 experiences?

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#13 RE: Proudfoot Consulting
08/06/2008 16:55

Dude to Anon (#12)

Does anyone know what the salary is like for a Project Manager in HK?

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#14 RE: Proudfoot Consulting
12/06/2008 21:02

Luiz to Anon (#12)

Well Proudfoot in 2008 in going through a lot of changes. The CEO got fired by the shareholders, and its parent had reorganised its sister companies. The new guy in charge is into more open communication. There is growth, there is international travel, but there comes a problem when you have been there a couple of years. There are too many old timers blocking your promotion so people leave. And the old timers keep mentioning the good old times before computers....there is still macho cultire of working silly hours and evewning training keeps cropping up rather than actually seriously training consultants. It's a sales dominated company with the consultants as an after thought which annoys a lot of bright MBA's that work there. Having said that, the projects can be interesting, and you can learn a lot. It's just such a shame that, as ecidenced by the high turnover rate, the HR management of the consultants is soo poor. Somebody needs to drag management into the 20th. century and explain the words life-work balance to them, let alone female friendly, talent management, etc etc etc

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#15 RE: Proudfoot Consulting
26/06/2008 22:50

Daniel to Kellie M. (#1)

I've just finished interviewing at Proudfoot, in the São Paulo office. Question: how long do they usually take in getting back with an answer?


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#16 RE: Proudfoot Consulting
28/06/2008 22:25

j to Luiz (#14)

Can anyone tell me what travel is like for latin america? Where and if all expenses are covered? Do they provide full family coverage for insurance or do you have to pay for additional family members? Thank you.

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