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Let's hear from those who enjoy consulting

#1 Let's hear from those who enjoy consulting
22/12/2007 10:07


Okay there's always quite a few people on here moaning about consulting, probably because they are the ones who take the time to post. But I want to hear from those who enjoy consulting and what they like about it.

For me, I like the idea that I'm helping people to do their jobs better. I've never had a problem with clients - a kind, understanding, bullshit free, and non-patronising approach has always won me friends.

Hours may be long but it's either that or go home and watch tv. If I have plans for the evening I set them for 7pm onwards and make sure I tell people in advance. Staying in hotels and travel does suck I admit, but eating out is one of my hobbies so that makes up for it a little.

I do have some money envy with those in IB, but I'm still happy to know that I'll be earning far more than 95% of the population.

I also feel consulting has made me a better all round and professional person.

The variety of the work is great, my colleagues are great, and salary is decent (45k, 2 yrs experience).

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#2 RE: Let's hear from those who enjoy consulting
22/12/2007 12:53

#1 DJ to MissMr (#1)


yeah, i agree. See my post ( 38355) for all the things I enjoy about my consulting gig.

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#3 RE: Let's hear from those who enjoy consulting
22/12/2007 13:36

MrMiss to #1 DJ (#2)

I'm afraid I (and I think most people here) can't relate to your experience of consultancy.


tell me if i have a good deal here:

I work for a mid sized consulting unit; do what i like, have good career progression options, work with fun and talented people, get a good salary, am well liked and regarded by the client and my colleagues, work 15 min (walking) from my apt in a large city. Engagement is long term ( 1.5-2 yrs - and therefore no extensive travel in the forseeable future). work 9-5 ( no actually 9:30 to 5 with 2 hr lunch break and 2 or 3, 15 min cigarette/cofee breaks whenever i feel like), get to surf the cricket scores on the internet every few min( hey, the client actually expects me to know the scores!) plus Annual salary hikes of min 10% and of course company stock options. "

In particular the long engagements - I would be in working industry if I wanted that. And also the 2 hour lunch breaks - again I would be in industry if I wanted that. I like the challenge of consultancy - trying to achieve a lot in a short space of time.

Anyway glad you enjoy it nevertheless.

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#4 RE: Let's hear from those who enjoy consulting
22/12/2007 18:06

Village Idiot to MissMr (#1)

Okay, I’ll give it a go. There are lots of things that I like about consulting as a career, and quite a few things I don’t like about it. You have to take the good with the bad.

On the plus side:

- I enjoy the variety in my work. Every day is different, and it forces me to think and be creative.

- I enjoy working with new colleagues and teams all the time

- I enjoy seeing new places and cultures

- I like making a real, measurable difference to my clients. And one of the most satisfying pieces of feedback a client can give me is “we couldn’t have done it without you”

- I like the calibre of people I work with, both internally and with the client. My colleagues are generally all pretty sharp, and my clients are normally senior-level and therefore also pretty sharp.

- I like the perks that come along with a big employer – good salary, nice offices, company car, business class travel, and no one quibbling over an expense claim.

- The money is pretty good. I’d make more as a banker, but then I’d have to sell my soul to the devil.

- Finally, I like the autonomy. No one’s really watching the clock about when I arrive and when I leave. Sometimes I need to work 14 hour days. Sometimes I coast through 7 hours and call it a day. As long as I get my work done, no one really minds.

On the minus side:

- My wife, kids and dog have forgotten what I look like, but Starwood knows what sort of pillows I like.

- It takes a lot of butt-in-seat time to get a BA Gold card.

- Travel delays suck.

- Sometimes you get crappy clients. There’s nothing you can do about that.

- You often get to clean up someone else’s mess.

- There are a lot of politics in a partnership.

- There’s nothing worse than asking for a “table for one” for the 15th night in a row.

- A lot of what I do is not interesting, but boring and repetitive. For every hour of creative thinking and problem-solving I do, there’s at least three hours of Powerpoint drudgery, Excel modelling, report writing, or process documentation.

On balance, though, I like consulting and there’s really nothing else I’d rather be doing. The higher up the organisation I go, the fewer of the “minuses” I encounter, which means that I’m enjoying my job more and more as I get more senior. Of course there are different pressures that come with seniority, but overall I think that the higher-up you are in the organisation, the better life becomes.

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#5 RE: Let's hear from those who enjoy consulting
22/12/2007 19:36

bob to deleted (#0)

anon, I think you're an idiot. Village Idiot has offered some pretty useful advice.

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#6 RE: Let's hear from those who enjoy consulting
22/12/2007 19:49

Anon to bob (#5)

bob, I think you are Village Idiot in disguise.

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#7 RE: Let's hear from those who enjoy consulting
23/12/2007 21:40

Big Blue to Anon (#6)

The thing I like most about about consulting is taking some tax money back off the public sector. I always enjoy working there, not for the job satisfaction, but because it is soooo easy to sell work to the workshy layabouts...

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#8 RE: Let's hear from those who enjoy consulting
23/12/2007 22:46

Anon to Big Blue (#7)

and lets hope the Public sector boys don't browse this forum ;-)

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