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ids scheer

#1 ids scheer
10/12/2007 14:19



can somebody tell me any insights on management constultancy practice at IDS Scheer in Germany? (Performance Mgmt.)



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#2 RE: ids scheer
10/12/2007 14:38

Zbigniew Brzezinski to rico (#1)

They compete with the strat houses for operational strategy but not corporate strategy work. Most of the works seems to be situation in Bavaria, strong agricultural base which is thier major skillset. Fees tend to be low but salaries very high comapred to market, which means bonus' are quite low (25% ish). Interview process seems very convoluted: 4 face-to-face interviews and 3 case studies. A lot of people regard them quite highly, however I think there business model has major structural flaws and I see retrenchment into core competencies rather than expansive growth.

Zbigniew Brzezinski

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#3 RE: ids scheer
10/12/2007 15:56

rico to Zbigniew Brzezinski (#2)

Hi Zbigniew,

thanks for your comment.

Where did you get these information? Why do you think, that they won´t grow up a substantial management consulting practice beside their core competencies along business process optimization and ARIS and such stuff?

Can someone tell me sth about their projects in management consulting?

Merely IT-implementation or often conceptual work and afterwards implementation by technical consultants?

What could I expect to do?



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#4 RE: ids scheer
12/02/2008 17:39

rico to rico (#3)


me again.

When I browsed through their HP, I found out, that maybe a small group within IDS takes on strategy work.

Why could it be no future core competency when they compete successfully with strat houses today?

Services within Management Consulting:

Business Strategy

Strategy development

Market and competitor analysis

Balanced Scorecard


BPM strategy and governance

Process lifecycle management

Process performance management

Process target costing

Business Reengineering

Reorganization and restructuring

M&A and post-merger integration (PMI)

Cost management

Change management

IT Management

IT strategy

IT organization

IT governance

IT service management

IT portfolio management

IT value & cost management

Another inside/opinion would be great.


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#5 RE: ids scheer
12/02/2008 20:58

Matt to rico (#4)

Rico, I wouldn't bother listening to ZB, none of the rest of us do! After all , he still hasn't mastered basic grammar :

"however I think there business model"

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#6 RE: ids scheer
13/02/2008 07:51

rico to Matt (#5)

Hi Matt,

do you have any hints regarding my question then, too?

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#7 RE: ids scheer
13/02/2008 13:26

anon to rico (#1)

There is no whatsoever strategy group in IDS. I work in Germany for one of the main strat houses and I never competed with them or came in contact with any IDS-project that was strategy related. The majority of projects seem to be somehow ARIS-based (I have seen some of those)

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#8 RE: ids scheer
13/02/2008 15:46

rico to anon (#7)

Maybe they are a small group, some kind of advance party...

This sounds not unrealistic at all to me...

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#9 RE: ids scheer
20/02/2008 10:04

rico to rico (#8)

Some more insights are really welcome!

Hope reading from you :-)


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#10 RE: ids scheer
20/02/2008 21:56

same anon to rico (#9)

very very unlikely - why should anybody capable of doing strategy work join ids (if he/she can do more interesting projects and earn more money elsewhere). Why should anyone give a strategy project to ids if the accentures of this world are already struggling to get any strategy assignments? Why have I never seen/heard anything about an ids strategy project in many years of consulting work in Germany.

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#11 RE: ids scheer
20/02/2008 23:34

Anon to same anon (#10)

Hi I work for IDS Scheer in the UK.

If you would like any specific information you can email me on

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#12 RE: ids scheer
21/02/2008 10:48

rico to Anon (#11)

thanks anon,

any fact-based insights are welcome!


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#13 RE: ids scheer
21/02/2008 10:50

rico to rico (#12)

@same anon:

because consulting is all about people business.

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#14 RE: ids scheer
24/06/2008 14:52

any to rico (#13)

Does anyone have information regarding recent activities in department mangement consulting?

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#15 RE: ids scheer
26/06/2008 00:48

Anon to any (#14)

Mainly consulting. May help to be more specific in your question.

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#16 RE: ids scheer
26/06/2008 09:30

any to Anon (#15)

good one - would like to know the following:

- project size (manpower)

- main focus of consulting projects for business unit:

- industry sector

- specific subjects e.g. processes

- customer profiles

- geographic focus

- much international/regional travel?

- forecast (revenue,customers etc.)

- other interesting things

Thank you!

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#17 RE: ids scheer
16/09/2008 13:00

anon to any (#16)

Hi there,

any insights on the recent changes in the board? What do you think regarding the reorganization efforts?

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#18 RE: ids scheer
16/09/2008 13:33

kintessence to rico (#12)

IDS is doing very good on operational level, but only because they go very much into process details. This is their main advantage.

Do not forget that the main reason they are keeping services such 'strategy' and process consulting is to sell their ARIS licenses and to win SAP implementation projects. This is from where the revenue comes. But even in SAP implementation market they are mainly targeting SMEs.

Performance management services sounds good, but keep in mind that is a quite IT oriented stuff.

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