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First Round Interview PwC - Please Help

#1 First Round Interview PwC - Please Help
24/07/2003 00:00


Hello all, I have been offered a primary interview with PwC. I was informed that there may also be psychometric tests. Is there anyone who can advise what the interview entails, how best to prepare and what they are looking for. Can you also suggest materials/ resources that you believe are good for enhancing interview skills and performance on psychometric tests? Please help if you have attended one of these interviews. Any information you can provide will be highly appreciated. Thanks Sam

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#2 Re: First Round Interview PwC - Please Help
24/07/2003 00:00

I wouldn't panic about the phycho testing, there's very little you can do to prepare. I've been through the process before and it is fairly straight forward. They include numeracy and verbal tests; brush up on your mental number skills and calculator skills (particularly percentages and growth rates).

Get a good night's sleep and make sure you leave enough time to get to the interview.

I don't remember too much about the interview itself, so I imagine it was very much run of the mill. They were probably looking for enthusiasm, intelligence and drive. Depending on the level you are going for, they may also look for specific skills in a certain area of business of industry. Prepare some questions, particularly try to understand the type of role they would look to give you - make sure you won't be disappointed (I chose to go somewhere else, but everyone is different!)

Good luck.

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#3 Re: First Round Interview PwC - Please Help
24/07/2003 00:00

Jeffrey Bunting

Don't even think about worrying for a psychometric test - youare who you are and that is the purpose of the test. If you try to prepare you'll mess up!

Interviews are about two things - ability and personality. I was weeded out of 150 applicants via a full day assessment once and passed to the final stage. That was when I found out that my personality didn't mix with those that would have been my colleagues. Don't get stuck in a job you hate just because you think it's where you want to be - 60 hours a week is a long time to be depressed about work!

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#4 Re: First Round Interview PwC - Please Help
25/07/2003 00:00


Hi there,

I totally agree with the two other ones - only thing different: I took the job after a two day assessment center and have been a business consultant with PwC for 3 1/2 years (until they joined "Big Blue"). Don't worry about the psycho - tests. Not a lot to prepare for. Be yourself and if you like it - take it! I never did regret my decision and had a really good time.

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#5 Re: First Round Interview PwC - Please Help
25/07/2003 00:00

Xuan Ly

Hi - have a look at these websites to get a feel for it:

Good luck.

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#6 Re: First Round Interview PwC - Please Help
25/07/2003 00:00

Fiona Burn

I used to interview for PwC prior to them being bought by IBM. They will be looking for actual examples of situations, whether from university life or work experience, it doesn't matter. You need to tell them what YOUR role was, it's no good saying that you did something in a team - they will be interested in your achievements, not everyone else's with whom you were working.

They are looking for achievements such as team-work, the ability to solve problems, communication skills (a good example someone once gave me was working in a bar and having to kick drunken people out at the end of the evening without having any trouble start).

Don't be wooly or give hypothetical answers (e.g. if faced with this challenge I would....) - give real specific examples of things you have actually done (i.e. When I was in the drama group at university, I dealt with this specific situation in this way...)

With regard to the psychometric tests, you won't be expected to get them all right. A couple of years ago when I was interviewing you only needed 40% to get through to interview stage. They are of the typical test format, where the first few are straightforward and they get more and more complicated as you go on. However they don't mark negatively so the later questions you may as well have a go at even if you're not sure. There's diagrammatic reasoning, logic, and I think verbal reasoning tests. I think if you look on amazon you'll probably find books of example tests, which are worth doing as the more you do the better you get at them.

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#7 Re: First Round Interview PwC - Please Help
26/07/2003 00:00

Laurence Dupras

Hello! It is a long time since I joined PWC and I then went through both the then PriceWaterhouse and Coopers and Lybrand recruitment processes. Depending upon the level or role you are being interviewed for, what you know and the contacts you have will be more or less important - What will matter in all cases is the cultural fit and how you express yourself and interact with others. The psychometric tests are there to ensure that you do have the intellectual capacity to do the job, consultancy tend to require good analytical skills and some literacy - yes there are ways to practice those skills and enhance your scores, the Times had a good set of educational CD's.

Good Luck - Be yourself

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#8 Re: First Round Interview PwC - Please Help
04/08/2003 00:00

Insane $$$

NO...I won't help YOU !

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