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Accepted on ACN in Brussels

#1 Accepted on ACN in Brussels
29/11/2007 12:59


I have been accepted in ACN in Brussels. I have 4 years working experience as Business Intelligence Engineer. Now, I am going to work as a Consultant.

The money are not so good comparing with money that other IT companies offered to me.

What shall I do?

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#2 RE: Accepted on ACN in Brussels
29/11/2007 13:03

Sophie to Christos (#1)

Tell them where to stick it?

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#3 RE: Accepted on ACN in Brussels
29/11/2007 13:15

Christos to Sophie (#2)

Do you think that can I negotiate the salary?

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#4 RE: Accepted on ACN in Brussels
29/11/2007 13:45

Joe Kerr to Christos (#3)

ACN offices are sprouting up all over the place. LOL.

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#5 RE: Accepted on ACN in Brussels
29/11/2007 14:49

Chris to Joe Kerr (#4)

Come on guys any advice?I have to answer until Monday and I am very confused. Please note that I have to migrate in Belgium so it is very important decision.

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#6 RE: Accepted on ACN in Brussels
29/11/2007 15:21

anon to Chris (#5)

Brussels??!!! HA HA HA!!! Good luck! I'd rather live in Grimsby (no joking)!

Maybe you have a soft spot for bureaucrats however? In which case you'll have a great time.

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#7 RE: Accepted on ACN in Brussels
29/11/2007 16:10

Deacs to anon (#6)


Be as specific as possible - what advice are you seeking? Are you worried about future career prospects, working abroad, what? If you really want input, specify what about as closely as possible.

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#8 RE: Accepted on ACN in Brussels
29/11/2007 17:22

Mars to Christos (#1)

So you have been offered less money than you are worth to join ACN in a city you don't/won't want to live in, and will probably spend most of your free cash trying to get out of every free weekend. No brainer.

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#9 RE: Accepted on ACN in Brussels
29/11/2007 22:36

Christos to anon (#6)

To be honest I do not know many things about the city.Is it so bad?I am currently leaving in Greece.Do you think that I will have problems to adapt in this new environment?

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#10 RE: Accepted on ACN in Brussels
29/11/2007 22:43

Christos to Deacs (#7)

I want to take the best decision. I am currently working in the business intelligence department of a company but there are not any prospects. What I was thinking was to move in a consulting company abroad for 2 years and come back to Greece and take a good position. I thought that ACN was a good choice. I applied in London but they reject me. But in Brussels they propose me a position. They offered my 3000 Euros (gross) plus some other benefits. I have 4 years experience.Do you think that I can negotiate this salary?The problem is that I can found this money in the Accenture in Greece.I am in a dilemma!!!Of cource,maybe in Belgium they are better organized that here in Greece.

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#11 RE: Accepted on ACN in Brussels
30/11/2007 20:00

james to Christos (#10)

I am ex Accenture (was there for 11 years) - London Office. For 3 of those years I worked on a Belgian client with guys fom the Brussels office and I have to say was not particularly impressed, either with the people or with the cultural attitude of the Brussels Office. The Management was weak, there is a real culture of 'screw the next guy over to move up' and from what I saw (and it is a small practice), there are 2 groups of people - a small group who are close to the Senior Execs, and those on the periphery. Plus career progression is much slower compared to the UK practice. Your call, but I would avoid like the plague.

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#12 RE: Accepted on ACN in Brussels
01/12/2007 12:32

Christos to james (#11)

Thanks for your advice.When exactly did you work for ACN in Brussels?Do you think that thinks maybe have been changed from then?One thing that I cannot understand is that the recruitment process was quite easy. I had 3 interviews but all of them were quite easy.No case study,no difficult questions.Do you think that they only need employees to make their job?

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#13 RE: Accepted on ACN in Brussels
01/12/2007 23:53

marina to Christos (#12)


Some issues to consider

taxation in BE is one of the highest in EU. Together with social contributions is around 50-55%, if you’ll work as employee. Most companies give easily extralegal benefits, ie lunch coupons, car, gsm, notebook, gym subscription, etc. I would suggest turning your negotiation towards these benefits as well as on performance bonus. Note the heavy taxation applies to them as well. On top of your gross salary they have to pay 30-40% of it to the state. Also, your gross salary is x13.9 months.

If you can understand French, you can check quickly your net income at

It all comes down for which sector you will be working, experience, degrees, age, etc. Assigned to EU institutions is one of the highest paid, but I thing ACN is more into the private sector. Do you speak Flemish? This will be useful as well, if you decide to move over

Also have a look at the 2006 salary survey at - reflects the market well.

The rent levels are cheaper compared to LDN, around 1/3, so for around 600-800 EUR, you can get a nice one bedroom flat in the center of the town. BRX is small town, 1.5 m. Food is cheaper than Greece if you are cooking but the food and the plethora of restaurants is rather tempting! Life is yes-dull compared to Paris, Athens, Barcelona and London. The well known joke is you jump on the train and spend the WE somewhere else- it is only 1 ½ hrs away….. Seriously, living here is easy, you can explore much, learn languages, travel a lot et voilà césa…

If you want to get out of EL, it is ok. With a couple of years in ACN or even less, you can move to the IT companies, other consultancies, EU institutions (tax free) etc. No need to worry about integrating yourself –more than full of greeks and all the other nationalities. You’ll meet and hear greek on a everyday basis.

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#14 RE: Accepted on ACN in Brussels
02/12/2007 10:06

james to Christos (#12)

I was working with the guys from the Belgian practice up to 2004 - some time ago, but there have not been that many Leaderships changes since then and many of the people who I was working with are still there (many of whom are not that happy). It doesnt surprise me that the interview process is 'easy' as you put it, since they were having problems attracting people. Interestingly (I assume it is still the case), the salaries in Brussels were much lower than the UK, although new Analysts in Brussels are given a car, phone etc (usual for the region given tax rules, and not something that new analysts get in the UK)

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#15 RE: Accepted on ACN in Brussels
02/12/2007 10:13

Christos to james (#14)

James thanks a lot for these valuable information. Is there any way to get in touch with any of those persons that work in ACN in Brussels? I would really appreciate this.

Marina thanks.I will take into account all these info.Are you living in Brussels?Are you coming from Greece?

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#16 RE: Accepted on ACN in Brussels
02/12/2007 13:16

marina to Christos (#15)


Another note: switch on european mode and have a look at the local culture>mentality. Decide whether you wanna make this move, negotiate with the hr manager and seal the deal. Simple, to the point and get started. My 2 cents.

Also, work on linguistic skills (fr, fl)+en.

good luck!

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#17 RE: Accepted on ACN in Brussels
02/12/2007 14:48

George to deleted (#0)

Hello Marina,

I am contemplating a move to Brussels after several years in the UK. You seem to know Brussels very well (I have been there several times) and most importantly the market. I would be very grateful if we could exchange some emails ( on some specific information I am after. To get advice from an insider such as yours would be invaluable and save me lots of time (and possible trouble!). Georgios

P.S. Christos, sorry for hijacking your thread. The potential opportunity to talk to someone who is an insider was a temptation to hard to resist. I wish you all the best for your decision. And please do not forget to think what happens to Greeks when going abroad...the grass seems always to be greener somewhere else!

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#18 RE: Accepted on ACN in Brussels
02/12/2007 16:26

marina to George (#17)


maybe we can switch over?

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#19 RE: Accepted on ACN in Brussels
02/12/2007 18:21

Christos to marina (#18)

Marina, thanks again.The problem with the web site that you provide is that I do not speak French and it is difficult to read it.Thanks for your valuable information!I am trying to filter all this information and have to decide until this week.James made me to think more about the decision.I am not worried about the life in Belgium.I hope that I will overcome any difficulties that maybe I will have. The problem is what value on my career can ACN of Brussels can offer to me.Is this the right step?Difficult decision....Keep thinking....

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#20 RE: Accepted on ACN in Brussels
02/12/2007 18:25

Christos to George (#17)

Nevermind George....For this reason we are using this forum....Find people that maybe have faced the same situations and maybe can give us advices that will help us to take the right decision.Wish you the best!!!

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#21 RE: Accepted on ACN in Brussels
02/12/2007 20:58

marina to Christos (#20)

Come on Christo!

sign up yourself at and make the translation!

It might be the Christmas season is coming and as I have been where you are, I can tell you that I have learnt it in the hard way to compare myself with me and nobody else. See it as how you respond to your challenges, aspirations and so forth. Decisions lead to evolution or stagnation. The reality, status quo and options for British people within their local market are different by definition. I don’t know where James is working, but I am pretty sure is not your company. Now if you are well in GR and have prospects-don’t bother cause life is better there. Your chance is on your plate –decision is yours.

Obviously, I am not working for ACN but I can tell you that any experience within ACN even in BE is by far good. European projects/clients, multiliguality, multiculturalism, etc.

Where are you working? Give us an overview (size, industry).

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#22 RE: Accepted on ACN in Brussels
02/12/2007 22:24

Christos to marina (#21)

Hi Marina,

Maybe you are right.I am working in a very good IT office here in Greece that specialised only to a specific industry.Everything is good apart from the prospects.I am working now 4 years but I am still on the same position since the department is very small.The projects are very interesting and the other members of the team are very good colleagues....I think that I have to make the next step if I want to make an IT career.

What I am afraid most is if I am ready to work long hours,in a pressed environment and maybe with no life balance...and especially in a foreign country.If I accept this situation then I can make the next step and leave from Greece.Otherwise maybe it will be better trying to find a job here in Greece with better prospects that the current job....

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#23 RE: Accepted on ACN in Brussels
06/12/2007 09:52

Christos to Christos (#22)

Any other advice guys?What happened if I accept this offer now and I change this a few days before I come to Belgium?Will I have any consequences?

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