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BCG application?

#1 BCG application?
22/11/2007 12:40


I applied to BCG on 11/11/07. I did not recevie any information from them. Did anyone recevie notification of interview for the first round?

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#2 RE: BCG application?
22/11/2007 12:54

maya to maya (#1)

Furthermore, the office location is London Thanks!

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#3 RE: BCG application?
22/11/2007 13:22

MA Student to maya (#2)

Same here, I also applied on the 11th but have yet to hear anything and also know of a coursemate in a similar situation who applied before me.

Have you thought about calling them?

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#4 RE: BCG application?
23/11/2007 10:04

JStone to MA Student (#3)

Hi Guys

I applied on 31st October.

Just heard back yesterday - so I would give it more time :)

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#5 RE: BCG application?
03/01/2008 19:52

Still waiting to JStone (#4)

I also applied in late October, and haven't heard back yet either way. Meanwhile, I'm onto final round interviews with other MC firms. Pity, since personally I'd pick BCG above the rest (including McK).

Anyone else in the same situation?

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#6 RE: BCG application?
03/01/2008 21:30

anon to Still waiting (#5)

if you received offers from other firms and still want to interview with bcg, given them a ring then. they might fast-track you (haven't heard this about bcg specifically, but other consultancies/banks)

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#7 RE: BCG application?
09/01/2008 00:51

ask to anon (#6)

I would also suggest you contact them again and ask for an interview within 14 days.

It should not take this long. Possible explanations are:

1. The consultant/analyst responsible for recruiting at your university was fired recently and a certain list of candidates did not get passed along.

2. That same guy or gal is overworked.

3. This delay is standard.

None of these is a valid reason for such a top notch firm. (BCG is also the best MC in my book.)

Again, if you are interviewing well at competitors, tell them so and say you need a quick interview process before you reach offer deadlines.

Good luck.

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#8 RE: BCG application?
09/01/2008 06:25

REMEMBER to ask (#7)

You have an ice cube's chance in hell of getting an offer from an MBB firm (statistically, not emotionally you understand). This is not to be negative but however perfect you think you think they have a different way of looking at things. If you are a graduate applicant and have applied through the usual systems, you are not in a rush (presumably have to finish your final year) and they would take the view that if you are offered by them you will back out of any offer you currently have so there is little point in trying to force their hand. The "I am on interview elsewhere so you need to act quickly" approach needs to be phrased very carefully and it is important that you do not sound as if you are trying to pressurise them. These companies will not live or die due to one junior level hire. Be confident, be pushy but understand the balance of power and the odds. There are very few places and vast numbers of applicants. BCG only likely to hire those they think can go all the way so they are particularly picky during the interview process. It is certainly not a precise science and I am sure that luck plays its part. Remember, you are asking them for a job, they are not providing you with a service. You cannot take the approach of a disgruntled customer in a supermarket. You do have the right, however, to chase up your own case but I would stick to a politely worded email asking for an update rather than anything more detailed. If you are on the list and you start to get difficult I am sure you will be off it pretty quickly

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#9 RE: BCG application?
09/01/2008 12:27

no to REMEMBER (#8)

No, you are providing your services, which are in high demand.

The BB of MBB is growing a lot and M is the biggest, I was told first hand that recruiting is the biggest bottleneck in their development.

If they don't want you, no second chance.

If they want you, they will do anything to convince you to come.

If they hear their MBB peers want you, you can ask for a quick interview with or without tact - you will get it.

Specifically, the argument from the poster above that MBB thinks they can get you anytime anyhow is false - well it's true for the people they don't want, but that is pretty pointless.

Tip: A good indicator whether you are MBB material is not being sure MBB is good enough (based on viable alternatives presented to you or created by you).

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#10 RE: BCG application?
10/01/2008 08:02

Still waiting to no (#9)

Thanks for the advice guys.

I think I'll wait until I've got one offer in the bag (could be as early as Monday), and then get in touch with BCG with the hope of skipping from limbo into the final round. The logic being that I'm working full-time, so every additional interview means more holiday leave gone.

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#11 RE: BCG application?
10/01/2008 15:39

u to Still waiting (#10)

I am the guy 'no' from two posts above. (This forum really needs usernames btw.)

I would suggest that you do not ask for a a single round. Final round interviews are done by principals and partners, and there is no way you can justify you want them to take the risk of wasting time on a candidate that would not pass first rounds.

That said, you could indeed ask for a quick interview, and interviews at odd times like 7/8am or 8/9pm.

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#12 RE: BCG application?
10/01/2008 21:45

Still waiting to u (#11)

Don't you think the MBB firms would think that if a candidate has got through 2 rounds to get an offer from an MBB firm that they're good enough to assess at the 2nd round level?

Just a thought, but then I'll probably go with your advice on this one. Cheers.

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#13 RE: BCG application?
11/01/2008 13:27

hmm to Still waiting (#12)

It's your call, but I was doing an internship (=even harder to get than the job itself) at one MBB AND was recommended by my headhunter, and still went for first rounds at the other MBB.

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#14 RE: BCG application?
11/01/2008 16:14

uhu to hmm (#13)

why should it be more difficult to get intern positions?

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#15 RE: BCG application?
11/01/2008 18:11

Hugh to uhu (#14)

Similar number of applicants but even few places.

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#16 RE: BCG application?
21/01/2008 01:11

update? to Hugh (#15)

Still waiting, please keep us updated.

Good luck on getting the offer.

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