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#1 BAS
16/11/2007 21:35


i'm sick of BAS. its aweful. boring. a yawn. the people are f_ckwits.

help. get me outta here. i work in EY BAS.

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#2 RE: BAS
16/11/2007 21:39

Fooled to deleted (#0)

the leadership team are a bunch of muppets. the quality of the projects is dire.

help. get me outta here. i work in EY BAS.

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#3 RE: BAS
17/11/2007 10:32

Miles Kennefik to Fooled (#2)

Unfornuately BAS spend a lot of money advertising on this site so expect one or both of the following:

a) the post to be removed

b) Restell / Mars a Day to launch an impassioned defence of BAS subtley making the point that they are right and all critics of BAS are wrong

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#4 RE: BAS
18/11/2007 10:10

Ed to Miles Kennefik (#3)

Why come on here saying that? What are you hoping to achieve? Do something about it. BAS is pretty packed with whingers as far as I can tell.

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#5 RE: BAS
18/11/2007 11:02

TeaTime to Ed (#4)

Ridiculous posts, not constructive, and makes me wonder whether this chap is actually in BAS -where on the 8th floor do you sit??! I’ve been in BAS for about a year, have worked on some interesting and challenging projects, enjoy the culture and feel inspired by some of the partners. Perhaps I'm blind and naive, but my biggest concern with EY is the dissapointing quality of the free tea!

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#6 RE: BAS
18/11/2007 12:15

Z to TeaTime (#5)

Don't take the bait

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#7 RE: BAS
18/11/2007 14:28

interesting to Z (#6)

this comes up time and time again. I am an outsider and my thoughts are these.

1. I suspect that many of the negative posts do not come from BAS people so we do have to be a little careful about what we believe. However, some of the threads have appeared to be genuine

2. Certain comments do keep repeating themselves, most particularly those about the leadership so it is safe to assume that there are some issues to be resolved there. Dismissing it all in the way that some seem to is simply not good enough. I am sure a consultancy would recommend staff surveys/some sort of 360 degree assessment or whatever to try to figure out what is going on.

3. In the case of a strong attack on Molten earlier, one of the top brass posted a repost implying that the criticisms has come from disgruntled candidates who did not make the grade. It is likely that many of the comments come either from such people or from those who are just not up to the job and should not have been hired - their negativety is perhaps down to their own inability to cope. If you are not doing a good job, you are not going to get first dibs at the best projects. The advice to the disgruntled is to get their heads down and try to impress. This way, a more interesting project might await.

4. In spite of the comments in point 3, the mass of negative comments does need to be looked at. They cannot all be fake and if there is such a level of discontent, management need to look seriously at it.

5. I am not close to the situation and am replying only theoretically. If the posts on this forum are a true reflection (some positive but a lot of negative), I suspect that a Night of the Long Knives approach is the only way. They will have to clear a lot of people out and retain a core/motivated team. It is likely that they will be doing people a favour by asking them to leave. Some of the comments (if genuine) seem to come from people who need to be somewhere else but need a bit of a shove to make that jump.

As something of an old man, there is a part of me that wants to cry out that (massively limiting assumption coming) all these youngsters on this forum don't know how good they have it. When I graduated the consultancies were barely hiring anyone and you had an ice cube's chance in hell of getting into even a 2nd tier. I would have given my right arm to have graduated in the same market conditions as those who graduated in 2004/5 or 6... Many I graduated with (from a good university) were still trying to get onto graduate schemes in their mid/late twenties when the market started to pick up

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