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eLearning Consulting (advice needed)

#1 eLearning Consulting (advice needed)
16/07/2003 00:00

Keith Hampson

I'm preparing tomove into eLearning consulting. My focus will be research/strategy and design.

Currently, I hold a Director level position within the higher education sector of eLearning. I suspect my greatest challenge will be to make the leap from the higher ed environment to corporate (where most of my clients will reside).

Does anyone have advice on how to navigate the shift into (a) consulting and (b) corporate from higher ed? I'm also interested in hooking up with other professionals in the field - particularly in North East North America.



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#2 Re: eLearning Consulting (advice needed)
17/07/2003 00:00


Hi Keith,

I've never hold any managerial position within the eduction field, but I had an intensive academic experience doing research before moving to consulting, where I am at this time, so I think I can help you by provoking some reflexion that, I'm sure, you will develop by yourself.

I would tell you the transition, despites of the position, has to be driven by some shifts on your perspectives, I mean, probably you used to make a direct demand analysis when you looked at your higher eduction target-market, so, simplifying, I would say you conducted businesses in terms of delivering content that had to match some group's needs.

Now, when you are in the consulting field, there is an extremely relevant new element on stage: your client. As an e-learning consultant you are supposed to plan and/or execute projects for your clients in order to enable them to meet the strategic levels of perfomance and productivity they need to achieve their general business targets.

So, if you are able to evaluate your client's business needs firstly, then the strategic concerns about the education of their personel and, eventualy, define an e-learning project to give them the right content to make their corporation move towards their new capabilities at adequate costs, time-to-market, flexibility, and so on, then you will be performing as a consultant.

For me, the most interesting aspect in the movement you are doing now is the dynamics of quickly adapt yourself and your teams to distinct demands due to the fact of dealing with different clients. At the same time it challenges you, it teaches you more.

Good luck!

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#3 Re: eLearning Consulting (advice needed)
17/07/2003 00:00

Alan Arnett


3 things:

1. Take a look at - I've recommended this already today but its great tuition on how to market yourself to a commercial audience.

2. Talk to people who already know you from your academic work, especially any trainees you had from commercial organisations, to get their views of your strengths/weaknesses and advice on how you should present yourself. This might also lead to some work!

3. Take a look at This is an organisation which started as part of SUNY [State University of New York] and is now a successful commercial consultancy in the field of creativity.

Hope this helps

Alan Arnett

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#4 Re: eLearning Consulting (advice needed)
21/07/2003 00:00


Thanks very much for the feedback.

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