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BearingPoint vs. Accenture

#1 BearingPoint vs. Accenture
13/11/2007 22:36


I was wondering which of the above firms you do want/suggest working for? Im 24 and have got an offer from both within Performance Management (consultancy). I live in sweden and Accenture is about 5-6 times bigger in terms of market revenue. Though, I like BearingPoint more cause it can give me the opportunity to prove myself and gain great experience in a short period of time...

thanks in advance.

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#2 RE: BearingPoint vs. Accenture
14/11/2007 03:39

Accent to Johan (#1)

Accent to the future, my young one. Accent. Your future is calling you. You must accent.

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#3 RE: BearingPoint vs. Accenture
14/11/2007 11:24

daithi to Johan (#1)

Depends where you want to work? If its technology consulting, then Accenture. If its management consulting, then BearingPoint. Be warned - I have heard a few MDs have left BE in the Nordics recently - may be worth following up on see if its true? Note: BE in Europe is being re-privatised at present.

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#4 RE: BearingPoint vs. Accenture
14/11/2007 15:13

chill to daithi (#3)

Hi Daithi,

just read your post for BE with German insights from another thread.

Do you have any information concerning German market activities for strategy/process/transformation section? (so called on vacancy list)

I am interested in applying @ BE and want to get any insights if available.



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#5 RE: BearingPoint vs. Accenture
14/11/2007 18:26

daithi to chill (#4)

I do know the German practice has traditionally been more Packaged Applications focused. They would not have the same track record in strategy consulting as say BE in the Nordics or France - who would consider themselves competitors of McKinsey, BAH etc. At the same time, the strategy for BE is to be a "management and technology consulting firm" so I guess there will be openings.....

Good luck.

Btw, I no longer work for BE. I decided to move into industry for a while......

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#6 RE: BearingPoint vs. Accenture
15/11/2007 13:17

Johan to daithi (#5)


thank you for the information. At this state I think BE is more suitable for me.

What did you do at BE? Since BE is relatively small company in the Nordics, I suppose I can work internationally as well...

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#7 RE: BearingPoint vs. Accenture
16/11/2007 10:17

daithi to Johan (#6)


i worked in our business consulting division (strategy, process and transformation) for 4 years.

much of the work in UK/Ire is process improvement related - i think the profile in the Nordics is more strategy related. There seem to be more opportunities to travel around the Nordics than elsewhere - but I would not expect yourself to be globe-trotting with BE....?

Best of luck in any case,


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#8 RE: BearingPoint vs. Accenture
17/11/2007 23:40

Johan to daithi (#7)

One last question. How is BE considered as a former employer within strategy&operations...say when moving to industry or Big4 MCs?

daithi, what can you say about your time at BE and your salary?


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#9 RE: BearingPoint vs. Accenture
19/11/2007 10:39

daithi to Johan (#8)

I cannot really comment - I think market perception varies significantly by region. I would expect a reasonable level of market awareness and brand recognition in the Nordics - in Ireland, we would be no2 after ACN, in the UK, BE are nowhere on the radar.

I have worked for two consultancies now - BE would not be as strong as my former employer infrastructurally but the people tend to be nice and helpful. I worked less on strategy projects in BE and more on business transformation / process improvement projects. Operational excellence / Six Sigma is a big push for them in EMEA at the moment.

If you choose BE, go in with your eyes wide open. It is certainly not the promised land but there are worse out there for sure.....

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#10 RE: BearingPoint vs. Accenture
19/11/2007 10:41

daithi to daithi (#9)

And salary wise, they have become reasonably competitive. They would have been behind the likes of ACN a couple of years back but have redressed the balance.

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#11 RE: BearingPoint vs. Accenture
19/11/2007 20:06

abc to daithi (#3)

Several BE partners and consultants leave for Deloitte

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