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List X company compliance

#1 List X company compliance
12/11/2007 12:42


Hi, my consulting company employer has a range of verticals, inlcuding the heritage MoD/Defense line. It is now saying ALL employees, regardless of whether you work in that business line or not, fill in an +18-page security check/counter terrorist check questionnaire as there is a requirement for ALL staff to be SC checked as they are a 'List X' company.

Does anyone know if this is actually the case?

I work in Financial Markets (always have/always will) & I used to work for Logica (not in Defense either) and never had to do this. There are rumours this is just 'cover' to ensure they can transfer staff easily to govt as the benches are bigger in the non-Govt verticals.

Thanks, in advance.

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#2 RE: List X company compliance
12/11/2007 12:57

Sophie to Curious (#1)

Smells a little like bull. Why would anyone who isn't involved in any way with their MoD/Defense clients need to be security cleared? To require all staff to be cleared sounds very over the top. I can understand them needing to check maybe the finance/HR and other support staff in addition to those working directly on the projects, but if you spend all day designing marketing strategies for yoghurt pots and are never likely to venture out of this area then why on earth would you also need to be cleared?

It may however just be that they're taking a broad brush approach to reduce admin, or are just wanting to make sure that they meet some silly government procurement requirement 110%. e.g. if everyone is cleared, then they don't have to even think about checking staff are cleared before putting them on an MoD project and there's no room whatsoever for any doubt about security issues in the mind of the buyer

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#3 RE: List X company compliance
12/11/2007 13:27

Nic to Sophie (#2)

In principle, you have to agree to security vetting before it can proceed. If you don't agree - for whatever reason - you don't get vetted and you are also unable to do work requiring that sort of pre-check.

In terms of working in an organisation that has a high number of SC/DV/strap staff, it can never get to the situation where 'everyone' is covered, some temp staff, foreign nationals, or people who don't want to, will remain 'uncleared', and x-site rating is maintained through other (mostly physical, ie locks and access door methods).

Bottom line is you 'might' not progress your career as fast if you can't work on the MoD/secure projects if that's your firm's speciality, but nor can that make you take part in a vetting process you don't want to.

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#4 RE: List X company compliance
12/11/2007 15:35

anon to Nic (#3)

i thought it was a building or facility that was List X not the company. A company working for MoD may well have List X and non List X sites.

It could be that if you are doing work in a List X building you need clearance whether or not you are on a Defence project.

List X I believe just ensures that facility is secure and operates an approved level of access procedures.

p.s. It's Defence not Defense in UK

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