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Accenture Process Consulting

#1 Accenture Process Consulting
02/11/2007 23:12


Hi there,

I´m heading for a job with Accenture (GER) for process consulting.

I have 2,5 yrs work experience in financial mgmt consulting.

What kind of work can I expect what they want me to do in general? Is there a strategic/conceptual part within my proposed job or will it merely be monitoring dull IT-implementation/customization along business processes?

Want to ask for 48-50k EUR salary/year. Truly fair at the age of 26?

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#2 RE: Accenture Process Consulting
03/11/2007 00:23

Mgmt Consultant to chill (#1)

If you believe that it will be "merely monitoring dull IT-implementation/customization" work, why did you accept this job? There are management consulting areas at Accenture, which all do varying degrees of strategic consulting. Your outlook for this job will also depend on how you view technology. Do you have a positive, optimistic view of technology and how it can be leveraged to help companies? Or do you buy into the stereotypes that technology is dull and lower tier? Surely, I would not enjoy doing technical work for an IT implementation. However, there is FAR more to Accenture than that, and these areas require leadership, contagious enthusiasm, business skills, and technology expertise at a higher level.

It amazes me that you post on this board with what can most respectfully be described as an apathetic and uninformed tone and then expect advice. Do you not take ownership for your career and your life? Do you not understand the very job for which you applied and now have an offer? This is not a good sign of things to come.

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#3 RE: Accenture Process Consulting
03/11/2007 01:37

Bubble Bath to Mgmt Consultant (#2)

I think Mgmt Consultant has a valid point. If I were Accenture HR I'd be trawling through all the process consulting applications and seriously rethinking the recruitment strategy.

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#4 RE: Accenture Process Consulting
03/11/2007 08:17

Anon to chill (#1)

It is 95% IT-implementation. Your salary expectations are fair given your prior experience.

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#5 RE: Accenture Process Consulting
03/11/2007 10:44

notaccn to chill (#1)

great observation skills accenture people, try looking a little closer... He missed interview off the first lone, referring later to 'prospective' job. So it seems a fair question, considering accenture's rep.

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#6 RE: Accenture Process Consulting
03/11/2007 11:47

chill to notaccn (#5)

Hi there,

as notaccn mentioned correctly, i asked for prospective job activities within accentures process consulting business line.

I agree with mgmt consultant that I have to raise my personal skills to be able to head for the more interesting parts of the consulting jobs.

But let me point out my doubts on this with giving you a little bit of background info:

I have a quite optimistic view on technology, think that this is inevitably necessary for business success and market leadership.

But personally, what I don´t want to do the whole day as a graduant in Business Admin is to work on technical concepts and support the IT-implementation to the deepest by testing, customizing or sth.

Ist this a fitting job discription what I would have to cope with? Or is it merely design of processes and handover to business line or technical consultants (e.g. SAP) and monitor project progress or sth.?

@Anon: Think you know a little more about it. Could you explain some more details please?


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#7 RE: Accenture Process Consulting
06/11/2007 16:42

chill to chill (#6)

Hi again,

can anyone tell me some more details towards general project content within process consulting @ ACN?

What are typical tasks for consultant role for main actions within a project?

Could I expect long-term projects (greater 6 months) or rather short ones?

Any kind of details are interesting for me.



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#8 RE: Accenture Process Consulting
07/11/2007 08:16

Zbigniew Brzezinski to chill (#7)

Accenture - Systems Implementation and project / programme management. Anyone who tells you differently is not telling you the truth.

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#9 RE: Accenture Process Consulting
07/11/2007 14:09

anon to Zbigniew Brzezinski (#8)

This is false.

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#10 RE: Accenture Process Consulting
07/11/2007 14:44

anon to anon (#9)

Can of worms....

In my opinion that is what their model is all about and it's what they do best. They do some really great stuff in HP and strategy and perhaps a few other areas on the back of this that is definately business consulting.

The key is to be good enough or strong enough to avoid the IT delivery roles where the majority of people are.

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