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accenture interview

#1 accenture interview
07/07/2003 00:00


does anyone have an example of accenture's case study given on the second interview. many thanks. t

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#2 Re: accenture interview
09/07/2003 00:00



I would tell you not to focus on this kind of "cheating" in order to enter Accenture. They will always be more interested on how much knowledge you have about the specific industry you intend to work on, how much time you are willing to spend at work (it would be good if it was a lot) and your capacities to deal with pressions, of both, personal and professional orders. Have in mind your professional and personal objectives and try to align them to the characteristics I told you before. Then, you will be able to find answers for virtualy any case study, just by behaving the way they expect you do and being congruent with yourself. This kind of approach is powerfull because you establish confidence and, at the same time, tell them what they want to hear from you, despites of the supposed "central" matter.

Have in mind: Accenture is a place for tough people, much more than talented ones. Show first that you are strong and results-oriented, then give clues of your intelectual abilities to do that with value. If you´re looking for something different, reconsider all again before getting hurted.

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#3 Re: accenture interview
10/07/2003 00:00


many thanks. it is not cheeting at all. I do work for a consulting firm ( stratigic though) and already and heve been exposed to case studies ( have an MBA) but I jsut wanted to see what the fuss about Accenture case interview is. thanks.

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#4 Re: accenture interview
10/07/2003 00:00


Seriously no fuss over the case study, they are much more interested in how you conduct yourself regardless of the actual nature of the case itself. As the previous entry indicated its the type of indivual and potential operator you are that they are are attempting to uncover. I would definitly say that I found it more about my attitude and how I approached things and handled myself in terms of getting my point accross etc. that mattered, hope this is in some way helpful

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#5 accenture interview please help
06/08/2003 00:00


Please let me know what type of question they asked you in the second interview


i have an interview with them monday

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#6 Re: accenture interview
07/08/2003 00:00

2nd Round Attendee

You won't get much help on case study details, because many people visiting this forum have done it. So have I. People dont want to make it easy for others, because it isn't. Important thing is to be yourself and be DECISIVE - thats where I fell down. hope this helps.

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#7 Re: accenture interview
14/08/2003 00:00


TT: for an MBA (I doubt you have one!) you cannot even spell properly. Let's hope that no one asks your strategic advice and that you end up "resting" for the rest of your anal career!

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