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Will they know?

#1 Will they know?
17/10/2007 16:48


I graduated recently in June 2007 and am trying to apply for a graduate training scheme to start in Aug/Sep with a mind to do some travelling in between. If I get a place that is. I'm working a relatively shitty job in the telecoms industry at the moment, to save for said trip. But these travel plans are not on my C.V., so it probably looks like I took this shitty job, didn't like it, and want out. I realise I am in the minoirty not applying in my final year of Uni, but after the the intensity of it all, I want a break. To go and see the world, other cultures. To taste different food in a different mileu, brush up on my languages, read, see the sights etc. It's not going to be a round the world lash up, as they would probably expect if I told them, but an enriching experiance. If a couple of tabs or joints float my way then so be it, the music, art environment will no doubt be further enriched and fantastical. Basically the workload at Uni was ridiculous, and I had loads of extra curricular activities as well. I know it's not my Uni, (stated) extracurricular activities or my previous work experiance that will get me screened out -without sounding arrogant, they are pretty solid. But any advice on how this will come across/ best way to deal with it?

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#2 RE: Will they know?
17/10/2007 17:27

Tony to Roquentin (#1)

Ok a few questions first of all but very important ones at that.

Did you get a 2.1?

Did you go to a decent uni?

If both are yes don't worry about it everyone ditches a job at some point. Its how you position it for your next role when you get back and everyone travels these days.

I would say an employer would be more worried about you not taking a break after uni, in fact it adds to your CV rather than detracting from it.

If you don't go you'll find your self 32 single haven’t seen out of a client site in the past 5 years wondering when it all went wrong.

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#3 RE: Will they know?
17/10/2007 17:37

Mars to Roquentin (#1)

Probably worth pointing out the obvious - if you go travelling an employer will be asking 2 main questions - and not about the quality of the skunk:

1. Have you now got travelling out of your system or are you likely to up and go travelling again once we have invested time and training in you?

2. Aside of getting a tan did you gain anything from travelling - i.e. did you improve any languages, help build a water well, work your way around the world etc etc. If all you are doing is bumming around looking at scenery and getting high/drunk you may find yourself having to justify having gone travelling at all.

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#4 RE: Will they know?
17/10/2007 18:12

Roquentin to Mars (#3)

Well I did say I wanted to brush up my languages; in fact I am going to do a language course whilst I'm away. And, as I emphasised, it's NOT going to just be a lash up. I want an enriching experience, to see the places that inspired poets, musicians and artists. I'm probably going to do the clichéd 'volunteer work' too, but I don't care; I need to give something back, my own way of attempting to repay the good fortune that has befallen me. I got a 1st from Oxford and 4 As, so hopefully academics shouldn't be a problem. Unfortunately, selling out is the only way to repay debts quickly. I’ll play the game, and hopefully learn an interesting thing or two along the way.

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