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Couple of questions about Accenture

#1 Couple of questions about Accenture
07/10/2007 17:37


Hello all, this forum was a great find, it's exactly what I've been looking for!

Basically I have a final interview with Accenture in a week or so and if I take it I'll be moving from Atos Origin (SI division). I have about 4 years of Business analysis and Technical developing experience mainly in CRM. My practice isn't huge (<50 consultants) but since I'm one of the 'high fliers' I get my pay rise, bonus and promo pretty regularly.

I'm on £38k as a GCM4 which isn't amazing but they've promised me as part of my next pay review in March that they'll put me on £45k.

The accenture position would be part of the Consulting SI group as a Consultant C2 or C3 (or something like that). I'm assuming they'll offer me something similar around £45k to £50k so a couple of questions.

1. Is that salary expectation accurate? Should I push for more or is that right for about a C2.

2. What's the difference in their expectations of whatyou would need to do as a C1 vs C2 vs C3. Could anyone provide any simple examples to compare to my own experiences?

3. Generally what do people reckon about moving from an arguably tier 2 type consultancy where I'm a 'big fish' in a small pond to tier 1 huge org. Is it worth killing myself working all over again for another year or two just to develop a reputation that i already have where I am?

Thanking you in advance.

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#2 RE: Couple of questions about Accenture
07/10/2007 18:26

Tony to SunshineRebel (#1)

I think you just answered the question your self to be honest.Whywould you go work forAccenture and do twice the hours for an extra 5k a year??

My advice would be go to the interview let them or ask them to outline the role for you, and what salary expectations etc then make your decision.

Two questions

Would it be worth it pay wise?

What would the trade off be work/life balance?

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#3 RE: Couple of questions about Accenture
08/10/2007 12:05

SunshineRebel to Tony (#2)

Cheers Tony. You're probably right, things are relatively sweet right now but a few things trouble me. Firstly a few key senior people are leaving (the ones who agreed it) which means my 45k promise, although likely to happen suddenly feels a bit up in the air. Secondly being good at what I do is great but there is a distinct feeling that it's part of being a secondary level practice. Maybe it's ego but I'd like to compare myself to the 'best' globally recognised consultants around, do you reckon ACN would actually provide that?

Finally it is about the money. The plan is to get together enough of a depost by the end of next year to actually consider buying a house and if they offer 50k now then I would prefer that to staying and getting 45k later.

I guess I'm starting to waffle but could anyone provide answers to q's 1 and 2 in my first post?

Would be much appreciated.

Thanks again Tony.

PS i know a few accenture people, I know they're a mixed bag I don't reckon they work THAT much harder really!

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#4 RE: Couple of questions about Accenture
08/10/2007 12:43

answer to SunshineRebel (#3)

depends what you want to do. You can put yourself into a prominent position within ATOS and end up getting a pretty juicy job in the future. It is only worth risking what you have if the pay rise is significant. If you are 38k, expecting to rise to 45k with job security and a good reputation, you need to be aiming mid '50s to move I would have thought. If you can get the right side of 50, the pay rise will be enough to justify the move. As extra 5k will mean apprx an extra 275 quid per month in real terms. I would say that is not quite enough unless the job is really worth doing. I am not sure that Accenture vs ATOS is going to make that much difference to you. You can probably reach a higher grade at ATOS quicker and may even be best to stay there until you reach director level. Get your big pay rise and exit at that point.

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#5 RE: Couple of questions about Accenture
08/10/2007 13:26

profblaumann to answer (#4)

reg. your question2: there is no real difference in terms of responsibility. However, a C3 is in principle the last step before Manager, so the expectations are already a bit different, eg. be a team lead for a substream of a project, which would less likely be offered to a C1 (obviously depends on project/size/budget etc etc).

My advice is to push as high as possible. As the categories tend to be rather strict, it will be highly unlikely that in the case you are really performing well, to be promoted from a C2 to Manager. ->just see it as a possiblity to get promoted earlier.

good luck

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#6 RE: Couple of questions about Accenture
08/10/2007 15:24

anon to profblaumann (#5)

Not everyone here (accenture) works massive hours. I usually do about 50 a week which although longer than a standard working week isn't exactly killing myself! I know lots of others the same so not everyone is on death marches here!

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#7 RE: Couple of questions about Accenture
16/10/2007 12:11

SunshineRebel to anon (#6)

Thank you all for the responses, that has got me thinking.

One thing from 'answer' was about eventually moving up to Director level although to be absolutely honest I don't see my career path heading anywhere near that direction, maybe Atos do things differently? As part of SI the natural path for where I am currently is to go to project management and from there, unlikely but very possibly head of a particular practice. Maybe you're thinking more like the Accenture partner model or something? Or perhaps that's how it works at Atos for the 'Business consulting' group rather than the SI group?

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#8 RE: Couple of questions about Accenture
19/11/2007 22:33

nadal to SunshineRebel (#7)

Hello There,

I currently work in Atos SI division and I think it is a pretty good place. Infact, we have had few very unproductive people who left for Accenture for higher salaray. However, these people were far from being impressive.

I would therefore advise you to stay put at Atos for a little longer and perhaps get to GCM level 5 or 6 before exiting. By the way, can you please tell if you only get a salary review at Atos SI if you apply for promotion or is there a yearly salary review regardless of promotion?

Thank You.

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