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How to transition to consulting

#1 How to transition to consulting
16/06/2003 00:00


I need some direction on how to get started in a consulting position after having spent 20 years in the distribution industry. I have gained experiences in HR, operational, sales/marketing and management positions throughout the company. While managing two groups I also served as an internal trainer and consultant in several areas of business and human resource development including leadership skills, process improvement, strategic planning, team development, facilitation and coaching (among others). I have a MS in Psych and an M.ED from Temple Univ. in Adult and Org. Development with a strong grounding in systems dynamics. The application of systems thinking and employee involvement in the creation of an organization without limits excites me. The vision and strategy is deep in my bones. I just don't know how to get from here to there. Can someone point me in the right direction?

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#2 Re: How to transition to consulting
18/06/2003 00:00


Hello Deb,

I am a member of a global organization that is particularly suited to the more "experienced" professional transitioning to the management consulting profession. I have made such a transition myself after 20+ in operations and process management.

If you check out the website for the Institute of Management Consultants at, you will find access to a few items which may be of interest as you make the transition. One such publication we have is titled "Management Consulting: Dream Job, Worse Nightmare" and it addresses some of the pros and cons associated with the profession.

Also, check to see if there's an IMC chapter in your immediate vicinity; they will also be able to assist you with your transition. HR and systems dynamics consulting is quite in vogue now especially regarding global Business Process Outsourcing for complete end-to-end processes. The IMC-USA is typically made up of professionals from the larger global consultancies as well as those like myself who are in private practice.

I sincerely hope this information helps you with your quest!



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#3 Re: How to transition to consulting
23/06/2003 00:00


Hi, Daedalus,

Thanks so much for the information. I've checked out the website -I believe it will become a great source of help to me as I move ahead with this transition. I appreciate your time in responding.



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#4 Re: How to transition to consulting
25/06/2003 00:00

wayne hodges

deb, i too will be looking to make the transition from fm amanagament to consultancy, although i have only 5 years practical experience at the moment.keep in touch and let me know how you find the transition.



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#5 Re: How to transition to consulting
26/06/2003 00:00


Dear Deb,

In a few weeks I will be running a seminar for people looking to move to a more independent consulting role.

My company is going to be setting up a virtual consulting company with a structured programme to take people through the early stages, make some products and services available as tools to access potential clients etc.

If you are interested please send a mail to with a short note regarding your experience, location etc and I will send you some more information and an outline of the dates I will be running the seminar.

Kind regards


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#6 Re: How to transition to consulting
27/06/2003 00:00

Dee Meddlesaint

Please,send me some infrmation on transition consulting.

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