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Kurt Salmon Associates (KSA)

#1 Kurt Salmon Associates (KSA)
10/06/2003 00:00

Into KSA

Hi! 1)What is it REALLY like to work at KSA in regards to culture, work-life-balance, payment package, etc.? 2)I got invited to a job interview of KSA. Any tips and hints? What can I do to prepare myself? - Thanks.

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#2 Re: Kurt Salmon Associates (KSA)
13/06/2003 00:00


I work for KSA currently so I might be a little biased but my thoughts are as follows:-

a) culture - relaxed, client-focused, loosely structured, non-hierarchical, and fun. The people at KSA are excellent. You will very rarely meet someone that you can't get along with.

b) Work/Life Balance - I won't kid you but the hours are long, as per any consulting firm. We work on average 9-10 hr days but the company never transmits any rules on hours. You work in relation to what you think is best for the client, and we try to make sure this doesn't mean working on weekends. Generally though it is a work hard, play hard culture.

c) Payment package - varies by country. Expat packages are available. Payment though is usually in line with the market.

d) Tips/Hints/Prep - retailing experience is useful. Describe examples of projects worked on, changes recommended, and the results achieved. KSA employs based on personality as well as intelligence so be open, honest and amusing.

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#3 Re: Kurt Salmon Associates (KSA)
13/06/2003 00:00


I had a "bad" experience with an interview with KSA. The meeting was scheduled about 1 month in advance in London. The day before it was changed to Leeds - as was the real problem.

However, the meeting was very poor. Held in an "open office"; the interviewer took calls on his mobile; tried to dial up and failed so asked me on any tips to resolve the error. The person was not interested at all - he had been "told to hold the interview".

These things happen I hear you say - yes they do. BUT the interviewer was one of the main people in the UK. I nearly walked out after 1 hour as it was a real farce and the guy was I believe totally rude and VERY unprofessional. If they had offered a job I would not have taken it. Poor image, "rude" and "mind elsewhere" - it looked like mickey mouse management and style to me - maybe an exception, but that was my perception and experience!!!

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#4 Re: Kurt Salmon Associates (KSA)
24/06/2003 00:00

Veronique Medcalf-De Keyzer

As the HR Director for Kurt Salmon Associates, I was very surprised and extremely sorry to hear about the experience you had of interviewing with us.

We are very keen to ensure that KSA's values of professionalism and integrity are embedded in everything we do. I would therefore like to follow this up internally. Do you remember the name of the person who interviewed you ?

With anticipated thanks,

Veronique Medcalf-De Keyzer

HR Director

Kurt Salmon Associates

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#5 Re: Kurt Salmon Associates (KSA)
12/08/2003 00:00



do you have a contact email/telephone, i would like to ask you for some advice.



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#6 RE: Kurt Salmon Associates (KSA)
22/12/2006 17:43

Mike to bob (#5)

Does anybody know what is going on with Kurt Salmon Associates at the moment?

Its just the phone number they provide does not exist!

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