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6 Weeks

#1 6 Weeks
18/09/2007 18:10



It's been six weeks since I did my second round. Haven't heard anything since then. I've e-mailed and phoned the recruiter at the company to see if I moved on to the next stage. The recruiter hasn't answered my e-mail and nobody is answering the phone. I know people been on vacation and that recruiters are busy, but does it normally take this much time?

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#2 RE: 6 Weeks
18/09/2007 18:38

Fed up to curious (#1)

Sadly yes - and far too often. Should it take this long - definately not. As a regular interviewer I always provide my response back to HR within 24hrs, only delaying (for up to a week) if I want to confirm something with senior management. Unfortunately this doesn't seem to be the industry standard...

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#3 RE: 6 Weeks
18/09/2007 21:42

curious to Fed up (#2)

Thank you for the info. The positive thing is that I get more time to prepare for the next stage.

Got any advice on how to prepare for the next stage - except practing cases?

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#4 RE: 6 Weeks
19/09/2007 08:25

Fed up to curious (#3)

Yes - ask them what format the interviews take. I would always be happy to explain that we follow a screening, followed by a 'cultural fit' followed by a skills/competances/presentation format over the three stages. This should allow you to prepare adequately, bearing in mind that you can never anticipate every question, and you still need to have what the company is looking for, no matter how well you prepare. It's surprising that some (inc Big4) companies invite you in for one type of process, then conduct another - only for both sides to be disappointed by the outcome. A decent compnay will have an open, and consequently effective process - have you had a look at the McKinsey, BCG etc websites for case studies etc?

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#5 RE: 6 Weeks
19/09/2007 10:26

curious to Fed up (#4)

Once again. Thank you for the advice. I've e-mailed the recruiter and asked how I should prepare for the next stage. I've haven't got any answer yet. But I think it shows that I'm very interested in the position. Perhaps, I should call someone else at the HR and ask for advice.

I practice the cases you find in the books Ace your case. Those cases are fun and I do very well. I've not yet done the cases at BCG and Mckinsey websites, but I will. I did the McKinsey test for leadership ability and I was among the top 4%.

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#6 RE: 6 Weeks
19/09/2007 10:58

oh dear.... to curious (#5)

that's a long delay. I suspect you are not going to get to the next stage. Also, strong leadership ability will rule you out at McKinsey. Need to be a follower, not a leader.... "leave your personality at the door on the way in" is the general maxim!

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#7 RE: 6 Weeks
19/09/2007 11:54

curious to oh dear.... (#6)

I'm not a candidate at McKinsey and I have never applied. And I'm sure there is nothing wrong with having leadership abilities. Can I ask the last one if you are a recruiter? Or do you work at McKinsey?

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#8 RE: 6 Weeks
19/09/2007 19:54

xxxx-consulting reject to curious (#7)

Hi Curious,

I am in the same boat as you. This is really stupid of companies to disappear for so long with out any response and expect that candaidate will be waiting. There is absolutly no respect for an individual time and these consulting companies talk about helping companies. Talk about employee retention and big claims made by each consulting big on there websites about respect and providing excellent environment to candidate. They should be ashamed of themselves at hypocrisy.

I have been into three cases now where after clearing second round and getting congratulations , I was made to for 6 or more weeks and then after I pushed to limit , i was told that company has gone to review there recruitment plans and organisational structure.

I can understand screening in the first round but after two rounds .....

Do these recruitment companies and consulting companies ever understand how much it can mean for somebody ? It is a career for somebody. Also to recruitment agents , if you dont have strong relationships with company to make them accountable after the second round interview , what is the point of you being there?

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#9 RE: 6 Weeks
20/09/2007 09:47

curious to xxxx-consulting reject (#8)

I'm sorry to here you're disappointed.

I will keep practicing cases and read information about partners and the company until I know the outcome. A good motto is: 'Try to assume the best'.

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#10 RE: 6 Weeks
20/09/2007 11:49

Biscuit to curious (#9)

If you havent heard in 6 weeks, the job has gone away. Who was the firm ? Name and shame, so others learn from your poor experience.

I went to interview with EY BAS over 6 months ago, and am still waiting for a response, despite having e'mailed the recruiter and the guy who interviewed me two weeks after the meeting.

Still, having read some of the comments aoubt BAS on here, Im glad I didnt waste time on a second interview

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#11 RE: 6 Weeks
20/09/2007 12:19

consulting reject to Biscuit (#10)

ultimately if you are going to make it as a consultant, you have to be able to think laterally - figure out a way to achieve the objective, if you follow. If your approach to the hiring process is as uncreative as "sent in application, went to interview, waiting for feedback" you are going to have a hard time when presented with the challenges you will face if you actually get the job. Obviously, you might get lucky but surely you should be scenario planning, analysing the odds of success and figuring out how you can reduce those odds. Whining on a career forum is not going to get you too far.

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#12 RE: 6 Weeks
20/09/2007 12:57

Reply to consulting reject to consulting reject (#11)

OK , Hang on . Dont mix two things here

1) A discussion upon the how the recruiting process is working

2) What I am doing about after whatever happened

My views about the consulting process was presented in my post which were strong given the situations but that is not whining. That is just a clear description of what happens.

Don't presume that my approach was "sent in application, went to interview, waiting for feedback" without even asking me what I did after that. From my experience and other notes here , People have even refused to acknowledge to emails and phone number which they have given to the candidates themselves. Forget recruiting , A normal decent gesture of replying to someone who has mailed to the contact given

by you is also not demonstrated.

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