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Anglophone consulting opportunities in France

#1 Anglophone consulting opportunities in France
02/06/2003 00:00


Does anyone know of consulting firms in France that are currently recruiting consultants/analysts who speak French but whose first language is English?

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#2 Suspect you need fluent french
03/06/2003 00:00

Tony Restell,

Just a quick general observation. The major consulting firms tend to have English as their &quot;mandatory&quot; language, since these are global firms and a common language is needed to facilitate internal communication and cross-country project teams. Having said this, total fluency in the local language is almost always mandatory - since you must be able to work at your very best at local client firms.<br><br>

In conclusion, if you speak fluent french then I would suggest that most of the major consulting firms would be interested in someone with your language skills - either immediately or as soon as they start recruiting again; if you don't, I would fire a warning shot about your chances of being hired in a firm based in France. Hope that's helpful, Tony

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#3 Re: Anglophone consulting opportunities in France
03/06/2003 00:00


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#4 Re: Anglophone consulting opportunities in France
06/06/2003 00:00

Dave Alberts


World Class International are seeking Lean manufacturing experts who speak French and have english as a first language.

If this is of interest then email a response

Best Regards

Dave Alberts

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#5 Re: Anglophone consulting opportunities in France
12/06/2003 00:00

Dennis L. Lindwall

Working in France, even with the large consulting firms like AT Kearney, Bain, BCG etc you have to speak & write French VERY WELL. I guess that exceptions would be made for certain people that have expertise in very special areas that cannot be found in France. The economic downturn have forced consulting companies in France to reduce staff and in France this is very expensive. This means that your competition comes from a large number of french consultants made redundant, often from les grandes écoles. Additionally, salaries in France (especially from entry-level to associate (Post MBA) level is lower than, say UK. A typical Business Analyst with BCG, Bain, ATKearney etc will earn around EUR35000 and an Associate around EUR60-65000 - there are other benefits that may be added such as pension payments, profit share and bonus that add 10-30% to the salary but in todays economy the market is tough with many candidates and few positions.

Unless your French is really good, you may find it difficult to find a job in France but one should never say never. I think that your best opportunity would be to focus on the large international consulting firms having projects abroad as well as in France. However, you may also find that smaller specialist consulting firms may be interested in broadening their international profile or competencies.

Best of luck

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#6 Re: Anglophone consulting opportunities in France
21/07/2003 00:00

David Thomas Anderson

What would be the best way for an MBA grad (Canada), who has EEC Citizenship, work experience in France and is fluent in French to find employment in France? Your help is much appreciated.


David Anderson

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