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About Celerant Consulting

#1 About Celerant Consulting
27/05/2003 00:00


Hi there,

I would like to get some feedback from someone who already worked for / with Celerant Consulting (or has been interviewed for a position with Celerant). More specifically, about the types of assignments, the corporate culture, the career opportunities...

Thanks in advance,


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#2 Re: About Celerant Consulting
27/05/2003 00:00

Sylvain - I interviewed with them ~1 year ago and was less than impressed with the outcome. My advice is to ensure that the position scope is checked properly before going too far (i.e. what level of position is on offer, what salary band is envisaged & that they have a good understanding of your relevant experience). I worked this through using a good agency (PRISM) and Celerant still managed to interview me for the wrong post!

I also attended an assessment day for another post with them 6 months before this. At the time they were using a competence / capability type interview, interspersed with case study and timed exercises.

hope this helps, good luck

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#3 Re: About Celerant Consulting
29/05/2003 00:00

Karina Piacente

I have been with Celerant Consulting for the last 5 years. Great company to work for with high value for their employees. It is obviously a job where you need to travel 100% of your time if your are looking for an Operation consultant position. Type of assigment varies, it could be in the Manufacturing, Chemical, Pharmaceutical, oil & gas or Utility sector. The type of service line we deliver are: Asset Management, Supply Chain, Six Sigma, P&PL, IT effectiveness, Organization effectiveness... If you have any more questions, please let me know!

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#4 Re: About Celerant Consulting
02/06/2003 00:00

Adam Duckenfield

Hi Sylvian,

I completed a number of interviews with Celerant Consulting this year, mid-January to be precise. The understanding I formed from my interviews with Celerant was that they look for people with consulting or process improvement backgrounds coupled with language skills because the work involves extensive travelling (predominantly within Europe), implementing sustainable process improvements.

They hold 6 monthly reviews for everybody, to support professional developement. The corporate structure is fairly flat: consultant, senior consultant, Assistant Project Manager, Project Manager, Senior Project Manager, Operations Director.

They are one of the chief competitors to Proudfoot, so view the Proudfoot website for a further insight.

I, personally, was very impressed with Celerant and they must be doing something right according to their H.R department and DRAX Generation (my recruitment consultancy who put me forward) to have been recruiting and thriving through a period when most other consultancies were down-sizing.

I hope this helps you.

Adam Duckenfield

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#5 For Karina
04/06/2003 00:00


Hi Karina, I'm about to join the team (hopefully) and would like to know what activity or specificity to stress during the final interview. What do the interviews consist in? Where do you work exactly - is your office in London? Please, contact me. Thank you !!!

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#6 Re: About Celerant Consulting
17/06/2003 00:00



I did the interview in munich - and also I didn´t get the job as Consultant I found them very professionel and fair. The interview was in october 2003 and I wonder if I should apply again - and this time in England and Germany.

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#7 Re: About Celerant Consulting
11/06/2004 09:54


Hello Karina,

I am currently working in Six Sigma with Bombardier but I am looking at opportunities in Consulting. Can I contact you to ask more about Celerant? My e-mail is Many thanks! Carlo

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