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MSc/ MA in Management.

#1 MSc/ MA in Management.
15/05/2003 00:00


I graduated in 2002 and have so far been unable to secure my first position with a consultancy firm. Would a masters in management help add some weight to my application?

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#2 Re: MSc/ MA in Management.
16/05/2003 00:00

Randhir Gaikwad


Yes MBA degree will definately help u in getting consulting job. Coz consulting firm prefered MBA .BUT let me warn u.....if u r doin MBA from Premier institute then only it is valuable....Consulting firm select candidate only from top institute of that country..... So dont waste u r time in doin MBA from any ordinary give example..if u r in USA then only Harvard is prefered.. if u r in India then only IIM is preffered. so think and work hard and get admission only in top most college of u r country...remember the college should rank first in COUNTRY and not in city or state..



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#3 Re: MSc/ MA in Management.
23/05/2003 00:00

I'm not considering an MBA. I only graduted last year and have so far been unable to secure my first postition despite having applied to a long list of consulting firms (Accenture, DC, IBM, PA, etc)

What I want to know is will a Masters in Management help me secure my first graduate position? I'm currently looking into courses offered by Nottingham, Durham, Bath and LSE.

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#4 Re: MSc/ MA in Management.
29/05/2003 00:00


Just wondering why you are considering an MSc/MA? An MBA is without doubt the preferred qualification for a career in consulting - and I agree with the previous posting that where you do it does matter. In UK consider Cranfield, LBS, Manchester and Warwick. I've not come across many people with an MSc in management, not sure how it would be perceived. Good luck!

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#5 Re: MSc/ MA in Management.
30/05/2003 00:00

I'm applying for a master's course because I'm a recent graduate and have been, so far, unsuccessful in securing my first postion in consultancy, hence I do not have the work experience neccessay for an MBA place at such institions.

What I'm really after is some advice on securing a graduate position with a top firm.



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#6 Re: MSc/ MA in Management.
12/06/2003 00:00

once in your shoes

Hi JC, your logic is sound. I'm guessing that an MSc would have more quantative material and therefore possible more superior than an MA. (On paper, a science degree often looks better than arts.) An MBA is definitely not appropriate as you know, not that at this early stage of your career (although US b-schools regularly accept student without any prior work experience).

An alternative is to gain an MSc relevant to your future-intended practice. For instance, if you are more interested in working in IT then a Computer Science MSc could be more valuable. Hope that helps. JB

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#7 Re: MSc/ MA in Management.
12/06/2003 00:00

Dennis L. Lindwall

Been there, done that ... I got an MSc in Corporate Finance years ago and have since worked with strategy consulting in consulting companies such as AT Kearney but was never asked the question why I had an MSc instead of an MBA. If you're fresh out of college, an post graduate education is more than advisable. Reason like this; The less management experience you have the more you need the MBA - why, you may say? The MBA is more or less a vocational education focusing on the practical aspects of management. As the MSc is more reserach oriented but nevertheless provides an indepth knowledge on specific subjects, it is valuable for those that already have hands-on management experience. Regarding quality I say this: Status of the school is not everything, it's the only thing. Top consulting firms have this prestige thing around which partially is derived from the fact that most of their consultants come from prestige schools - creme de la creme, you know. If it is an MSc/MA you want, I would look primarily at LBS, LSE and other top schools, otherwise you may find it difficult to leverage the value from your education.

Good Luck

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#8 Re: MSc/ MA in Management.
13/06/2003 00:00


Thanks for the advice. I have considered a computer science MSc but I thought it would be more beneficial to obtain a masters with a significant business content (esp. finance), as my undergraduate degree was in computing. I have been advised that many management consultants have ACA qualifications and this would be a good route in but I'd rather do a one-year masters and then get the job I'm really after rather than spend three year training as an accountant when I don't really wont to be one.

So how much value do the top firms give a masters degree when recruiting new graduates?

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#9 Re: MSc/ MA in Management.
21/06/2003 00:00

Once in your shoes

There are a few things I would look in to: 1. What were the reasons that you didn't progress past interview (or even to interview stage). Converse with those that interviewed you and find out the skills that you lack and therefore took you out of the running. It may be that you have the right skills but your interview technique is all that lett you down. 2. If you are trying to join an MC practice without any work experience then you are going to go in at the analyst level (I assume). You could do a quantantive masters degree to illustrate your strength in this area but keep the subject relevant to the future engagements you might get at the MC firm. 3. Getting recruited by an MC firm is never an easy ticket. In the current climate the lack of a degree from a well-known, well-respected university could be your barrier to entry. Not much you can do about this, get an MSc from a top uni and reapply next year when, hopefully, the recruiting scene is more favourable. Alternatively, you might want to do what I did. I got a good comp sci degree and joined a financial services firm. The work was far more business orientated (than technical) and you get good experience of working within an organisation, it put me in a good position to join somewhere like Accenture etc. in a couple of years. However, wasn't keen on staying techie so did an MBA to try and get in to strat consulting. The advantage of working in a blue chip firm is structured, management programme tailored for graduates, the high visibility and the training.

Lastly, there are a number of MSc business admin students at my uni. There are having reasonable success at getting jobs in MC firms. The qualification is known in the UK (despite someone else's previous post) and shows you have a more holistic, academic training. To be frank though, it doesn't matter how qualified you are if you're not good at selling yourself in the interview. Your uni will be able to help on that front.

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#10 Re: MSc/ MA in Management.
24/06/2003 00:00


Thank you for your advice, it is most helpful and you seem to understand my situation well. I went to Sheffield Hallam University and graduated with a First in Computing, but I believe the reputation of the university has been a factor in my lack of success at securing interviews. I have applied to Durham and Nottingham University Business Schools, but am currently still trying to land my first job. If by September I'm unsuccessful I will start the one-year master's program.



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